Seminars: China Economy

Seminar in China Economy

Term:  Spring 2021

Location: Zoom

Meeting Time:  Wed at 8pm EST (day of week may vary to accomodate speakers) 
- We hope this time works for most participants (it will be Thurs at 8am in China (GMT + 8).
- For PST and GMT 0-1 time zones: A video recording will be posted after the seminar

Description: This seminar provides a forum for faculty, graduate students, and research fellows in economics and other fields to present and discuss research and scholarship on the economic and social transformation of China. The seminar will give special attention to the Covid19 pandemic, the environmental, technological, and social changes that are accompanying China's extraordinary economic development and to the links between Chinese and US economies. 

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Feb 3


Joint with:  Seminar on Econ of Science & Engineering


Xiaoying LI (Institute of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Development Studies)

"Robot Use and Export Upgrading" (paper joint with Qiren Liu (Quangzhou University, School of Economics and Statistics, and Richard B. Freeman (Harvard Univ)) 
ZOOM RECORDING: 3 February 2021
- Note: apologies, the zoom-recording is missing the first 5 minutes, and therefore does not include the discussion of the first 4 slides of the PPT.  To catch up, please refer to the PPT linked below.
PPT presentation

Feb 10


Tanggang Yuan (Harvard University)

"Would the Grandparents Save China’s Demographic Crisis?” (paper joint with Richard B. Freeman and Zhixiang Geng (Wuhan University))
ZOOM RECORDING:  10 Feb 2021

Feb 24

Sifan Zhou (Xiamen University)

"The Minimum Wage and New Business Entries in China: Estimates Based on a Refined Border Approach" (paper joint with Xiaoying Li (Sun Yat-sen Univ), Dongbo Shi (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ))

Mar 3 

Ying Luo (Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology, School of Economics, China)

“Whether Green Technology Innovation Is Conducive to Haze Emission Reduction: Empirical Evidence from China”

Mar 17
@ 9am EST ​
​@ 1pm GMT ​
@ 9​pm CST

Ruixue Jia (Visiting Senior Fellow, Dept of Mgmt, LSE; UC San Diego, School of Global Policy and Strategy, and NBER)

"A Theory of Power Structure and Institutional Compatibility: China vs. Europe Revisited"  (NBER WP 28403) (paper joint with Gérard Roland (UC Berkeley and NBER)) & Yang Xie (UC Riverside) 
Abstract & Bios
 17 Mar 2021

April 14

Marlon Seror (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM).

Industrial clusters in the long run: Evidence from Million-Rouble plants in China (paper joint w/ Stephan Heblich, Hao Xu, Yanos Zylberberg)
Abstract & Bios