Seminars: China Economy

Seminar in China Economy

Term:   On leave: resumes AY 2022-23

Location: Zoom

Meeting Time:  Previous Meeting Time:  Wed at 8pm EST (GMT +8) 
- day of week may vary to accomodate speakers
- We hope this time works for most participants (it will be Thurs at 8am in China (GMT + 8).
- For PST and GMT 0-1 time zones: A video recording will be posted after the seminar

Description: This seminar provides a forum for faculty, graduate students, and research fellows in economics and other fields to present and discuss research and scholarship on the economic and social transformation of China. The seminar will give special attention to the Covid19 pandemic, the environmental, technological, and social changes that are accompanying China's extraordinary economic development and to the links between Chinese and US economies. 

List Serve/Announcements: contact Jennifer at <> with affiliation, etc. 
- Zoom videos are distributed after each recorded seminar (not all seminars are recorded)
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