Job Market Candidates

Placement Directors: Elie TamerAmanda PallaisJeffrey Miron

Summary of Candidates


Economics (E), Business Economics (BE), Political Economy and Government (PEG) 


Fields of Study

Job Market Paper

Alex Albright (E)

Labor Economics, Law & Economics, Economic History

"No Money Bail, No Problems? Evidence from an Automatic Release Program"

Sarah Armitage (PEG)

Public Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics

"Technology Transitions and the Timing of Environmental Policy: Evidence from Efficient Lighting"

Francesca Bastianello (BE)

Finance, Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics

“Partial Equilibrium Thinking, Extrapolation, and Bubbles"

Justin Bloesch (E)

Macroeconomics, Labor Economics

“Which Workers Earn More at Productive Firms? Position Specific Skills and Individual Hold-up Power”

Kevin Connolly (PEG)

Education, Economic History, Health Economics

“How Does Access to College Affect Long-Term Life Outcomes? Evidence from U.S. Openings of Two-Year Public Colleges"

Antonio Coppola (E)

Finance, International Macroeconomics

“In Safe Hands: The Financial and Real Impact of Investor Composition Over the Credit Cycle”

Lydia Cox (E)

International Trade, Macroeconomics 

"The Long-Term Impact of Steel Tariffs on U.S. Manufacturing"

Enrico Di Gregorio (PEG)

Public Finance, Political Economy

"Audit Rule Disclosure and Tax Compliance"

Evgenii Fadeev (E)

Innovation, Organizational Economics, International Trade

"Creative Construction: Knowledge Sharing in Production Networks"

Jiacheng Feng (E)

International Trade, Contracting and Organization Macroeconomics

"Signaling Export Quality under Firm Heterogeneity"

Paul Fontanier (E)

Finance, Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics

"Optimal Policy for Behavioral Financial Crises"

Riako Granzier-Nakajima (E)

Behavioral Economics, Labor Economics

"Minority Status' Impacts on Group Work"

Ravi Jagadeesan (BE)

Microeconomic Theory, Market Design, Public Economics, Macroeconomics

"Matching and Prices"

Felipe Jordan (PEG)

Development Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Economics

"National Courts, Property Rights, and the Transformation of an Indigenous Society"

Gabriel Levin Konigsberg (BE)

Corporate Finance, International Finance

"Risk-management and Narrow Framing"

Matthew Lilley (BE)

Labor/Urban Economics, Behavioral Economics

"The Long Run Effects of Right to Work Laws"

Lucas Lima (E)

Econometrics, Industrial Organization

"Demand Estimation with Zeros: Moving Costs in the US"

Tianwang Liu (E)

Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization

"The Political Roots of China's Housing Vacancies"

Frank Pinter (BE)

Industrial Organization, Environmental

"Regulatory Mandates and Electric Vehicle Product Variety"

Ashesh Rambachan (E)

Econometrics, Public Economics

"Identifying Prediction Mistakes in Observational Data"

Hillary Stein (PEG)

International Finance, Macroeconomics, International Political Economy

"Got Milk? The Effect of Export Price Shocks on Exchange Rates"

Jonathan Tebes (E)

Labor Economics, Public Economics

"The Effectiveness and Equity of Police Stops"

Mattie Toma (E)

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

"Understanding and Improving Policymakers' Sensitivity to Program Impact"

Maria Voronina (E)

Macroeconomics, International Economics

"Endogenous Growth and Optimal Market Power"

Jeffrey Wang (E)

International Trade, Macroeconomics, Innovation & Technology

"Robots, Trade, and Offshoring: Perspective from US Firms"

Ron Yang (BE)

Industrial Organization, Transportation Economics

"(Don't) Take Me Home: Home Bias and the Effect of Self-Driving Trucks on Interstate Trade"

David Zhang (BE)

Finance, Real Estate

"Closing Costs, Refinancing, and Inefficiencies in the Mortgage Market"


Affiliated Programs (Public Policy (PP), Health Policy (HP))



Fields of Study

Job Market Paper

Shweta Bhogale (PP)

Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Political Economy

"Run On The Reservoir: Evidence on Administrative Competition for Groundwater in India"

Kevin Carney (PP)

Development, Political Economy, Behavioral

“The Effect of Social Media on Voters: Experimental Evidence from an Indian Election”

Saumya Chatrath  (HP)

Health Economics, Public Economics

"All in a Deductible's Work: Cost-Sharing, Chronic Conditions, and Health"

Yunan Ji (HP)

Health Economics, Public Economics, Industrial Organization

"Can Competitive Bidding Work in Health Care? Evidence from Medicare Durable Medical Equipment."

Jose Morales-Arilla (PP)

Development, Political Economy, Trade, Urban

"Autocrats in crisis mode: Strategic favoritism during economic shocks"

Eran Politzer (HP)

Health Economics, Public Economics

"A Change of Plans: The Impact of Involuntary Switching in Health Insurance"

James Reisinger (PP)

Labor Economics, Political Economy, Behavioral Economics

"Southernization: The Long-Term Effect of Migration on Racial Prejudice and Political Preferences"

Niharika Singh (PP)

Development Economics, Labor Economics

"Hiring Frictions in Urban Labor Markets: Experimental Evidence from India"

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