After Graduation

While some students know what they want to do after graduation, many do not.  This page can help ec-interested students think about some possibilities.  Here, we narrow 'after graduation' options to (1) work and (2) school.  (But, if you want to travel the world, take time off, or anything else, we'd love to chat with you about that too!)

As you browse this page, remember that (1) your concentration does not determine your career and (2) where you land after graduation does not determine your career.  And, as always, if you want to chat, come see an ec concentration advisor.


A huge variety of companies, government agencies, NGOs, etc, need people with your skill set and interests; thus, any "list" of possibilities will be incomplete.   Think broadly!  But, to get you started, here are some ideas.  Take time to explore. 

  • What kinds of jobs are out there? 
    • Here's a big list of job possibilities, categorized as: private sector/for-profit, government, international organizations, research and think tanks, non-profit sector.
  • Where can I find specific job postings?
    • We post several job openings on our website.  This is updated regularly, so check back often.
    • Econ-Jobs, a website with a variety of postings.
  • What services does Harvard offer?


Many economics concentrators pursue further study in economics, law, business, education, public policy, and more.  Some do this immediately after graduating, and many do this down the road.  Here we discuss graduate study in economics as well as other programs commonly pursued by our concentrators.