Seminars: Economic History

Seminar in Economic History

Organized by: Claudia Goldin, FAS Economics; Marco Tabellini, HBS BGIE; Marlous van Waijenburg, HBS BGIE

Term:   Fall 2021

Location: Remote (Zoom link to listserve)  and Littauer M16
Meeting Time:   Friday  1:15 pm - 2:45 pm 


Intended for students writing dissertations related to economic history themes and/or methodology and for others with interests in economic history. Discusses research papers presented by scholars at Harvard and elsewhere.
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Past Seminars in Economic History
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Sept. 10
Robert Allen (New York University, Abu Dhabi UAE)
"What the Natufians Did for Us: An Economic Analysis of the Neolithic Revolution and the Origins of the State"
Sept. 17
Casey Petroff (Harvard University)
“Expert Advice and the Formation of Epistemic Communities: Evidence from the History of Pandemic Disease”
Sept. 24
Jingyi Huang (Prize Fellow, Harvard University; Brandeis University)
"Monopsony, Cartels, and Manipulation: Evidence from the U.S. Meatpacking Industry, 1903 - 1918"
Oct. 1*
Kyle Harper (University of Oklahoma)
Infectious Disease and the Great Divergence.
Oct. 8**
Jamein Cunningham (Cornell University)
"Does Race Matter? Court-ordered Police Hiring Quotas and Police Killings of Civilians”
Oct. 15
Shari Eli (University of Toronto)
Oct. 22
Aldo Musacchio (Brandeis University)
"European Migration and Agricultural Productivity in Brazil, 1900-1920"
Oct. 29
No Seminar
Economic History Association Meeting
Nov. 5
Paul Rhode (University of Michigan)
Nov. 12
Dan Fetter (Stanford University)
Nov. 19
Vicky Fouka (Stanford University)
Nov. 26
No Seminar
Dec. 3
Marlous van Waijenburg (Harvard Business School) and Others
Book Event: Claudia Goldin, Career & Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity.
*Joint with International.
** Joint with Labor/Public.