As members of the department (faculty, staff, student) there are certain processes and procedures that will be asked of you throughout your tenure with us.  Below is a list of common forms and resources that you may require in order to know the correct policies for being paid, being reimbursed, or what funds can be used to procure different types of assets or data.

Human Subject Payment

All resources for research projects that involve studying human subjects. This includes payment forms, tracking sheets and Harvard University’s policies on Human Subject Payments.



All resources for hiring and onboarding students and other workers. 

Reimbursement and Corporate Credit Card Payment Forms

Includes all forms for reimbursing Harvard business expenses. Concur should be used for all faculty, staff and post-docs. Graduate students and other non-employees are reimbursed using the Non-Employee Universal Expense Form.


Tax Forms

Tax forms related to Harvard’s Tax Exempt status. Use these forms with any vendors when purchasing items using your Purchase-Card.

Telecommunication Reimbursement Information

Includes the form and instructions for reimbursing telecommunication expenses, such as cell phone and internet, as related to Harvard business for faculty members. Reimbursements are given based on percentage of business related activity.

Miscellaneous Forms

Various forms related to Harvard Economics finance business practices. Includes forms such as AP Task Slip for paying invoices, Purchase-Card Cover sheet for capturing business purposes on transactions, and In Lieu of Invoice form for Honorariums/Fellowships.

Links to Harvard Finance Systems

Spending Guidelines for Faculty with FAS Funds

Research Appointments

Hiring Process & Request Instructions

All appointment requests (new hires and extensions) need to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Economics and the Division of Social Science before the hiring process can begin. *Use of Faculty startup funds is no longer subject to divisional approval. Approval is still in place for use of all other funds.

  1. Faculty Assistant or Faculty Member requests new/extended appointment through this form:

    Temp Appointment Request 

  2. Econ Payroll will work with the candidate to gather documents and other information needed in order to create/extend the appointment. Establishing new active appointments can take up to 7 business days, especially during peak periods.
  3. Econ Payroll ( will email the student, time approver, and 'sponsoring' faculty member to confirm appointment is active and to communicate appointment’s start and end date as well as instructions for time reporting and approval.
  4. Faculty Assistant monitors appointment end dates and confirms with faculty if appointment should end or be extended. If the appointment needs to be extended an extension request should be submitted at least 15 days prior the planned end date.

Please note:

-Individuals should not work ANY hours until they receive an email from Econ Payroll confirming their appointment is active and can submit hours. Make sure that the appointment start date you indicate in your appointment request matches the first day of work of the candidate on the research project.

-Hires on Harvard temp payroll are subject to an 8% fringe rate. All individuals who are not performing work in Massachusetts or are not enrolled Harvard students, will be hired via external payroll service (i.e. AllSource) who charges a mark-up of 18.8% on all wages.

-Temporary Employees, including Co-op Student Employees and Paid Interns, accrue one hour of earned sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum accrual of 40 hours of earned sick time each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Earned sick time shall be based only on actual hours worked. Accrued earned sick time that is not used is “banked” for use in the next fiscal year, and is not to exceed a total of 40 hours.

- International hires will take additional time (~1 month) and often incur significant fees. Faculty are encouraged to partner with an organization in-country via a service agreement, when possible. Read more on international hiring on Harvard Global’s .

Work Order Requests

Individuals should submit their own work order requests for issues related to temperature control, cleaning, electrical issues and/or concerns with restrooms. All office moves and furniture needs should be routed through the Front Office team by emailing

Submit work order requests here.