Seminars: Economic Development

Seminar in Economics Development

Term:   Spring 2021
Location: Zoom

Meeting Time:   Wednesdays 2:45pm - 4:00pm

Description: Fall speakers cover issues in growth and development. Spring speakers alternate between growth and institutions, focusing on the macro aspects of growth and development and labor and development focusing on the micro aspects. 

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February 17 Lauren Bergquist (University of Michigan) Scaling Agricultural Policy Interventions:Theory and Evidence from Uganda
February 24 Diana van Patten (Yale) Multinationals, Monopsony and Local Development: Evidence from the United Fruit Company
March 3 Suanna Oh (Paris School of Economics) Does identity reduce labor supply?
March 10 Tavneet Suri (MIT Sloan School of Management) UBI study in Kenya
March 17 Reshmaan Hussam (Harvard Business School) The Psychosocial Impacts of Forced Idleness
March 24 Elisabeth Sadoulet (University of California - Berkeley) "Private Input Suppliers as Information Agents for Technology Adoption in Agriculture"
April 7 Maitreesh Ghatak (London School of Economics) The Role of Finance in the Process of Development: Improving Access versus Reducing Frictions
April 14 Michael Kremer (University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy) and Christ Snyder (Dartmouth College) Optimal Vaccine Subsidies For Endemic And Epidemic Diseases
April 21 Belinda Archibong (Columbia University) When Women March: The 1929 Aba Women’s Tax Revolt, and Gender Gaps in Political Participation in Nigeria