Funding Process

Identify Funding Source 

Your first task is to identify a sponsor or funding source with an open opportunity or available funding announcement.  

Receive Advising Information + Preparing Your Proposal 

Please notify Jason Fleming as soon as you have identified funding you would like to pursue. Each sponsor will have their own unique requirements for submitting a research grant proposal, and Jason will work with you to navigate Sponsor-specific guidelines and proposal application components, as well as applicable University policies. 

Application Review Process 

Please be aware of this policy issued by the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP), which requires the complete and final proposal be received by OSP at least five (5) full business days prior to the sponsor's due date.         

All sponsored research proposals are reviewed and approved initially by the department’s Manager for Sponsored Research, secondly, by FAS Research Administration Services, and finally by the University Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP). Final submission will be completed by OSP. 

Managing an Award 

Congratulations on receiving your award! This is the "post-award" phase of the life cycle where you will work with your departmental sponsored research administrator to follow each sponsor's guidelines, Harvard’s policies, and proper spending and disbursing of the funds.