Throughout the year, there are always many opportunities available to undergraduates to enhance your knowledge and experience in the field of Economics.  Below are different types of opportunities currently available.

The Ec Department launched the second round of its Semester Undergraduate Program for Economics Research (SUPER), which pairs students with faculty for semester-long RA positions. The application and hiring cycle for Fall 2021 is now closed. Please stay tuned on our website for the Spring 2022 SUPER round. 

Types of Opportunities:

Jobs, Research Analysts or Assistantships, Internships  For Seniors  Funding Opportunities  Other Interesting Opportunities

Jobs, Research Analysts or Assistantships, Internships

  • Research Internship with Harvard Forest’s 2022 Summer Research Program. This is a paid, 11-week, mentored research internship covering a variety of topics. Deadline: 2/4/2022 (posted 1/10/2022)

  • Fiscal Internship Program with the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Rising juniors and rising seniors are eligible to work with leading scholars for 10 weeks this summer in Washington D.C. on a variety of issues. Interns receive a $6,250 stipend for the 10-week program. Deadline: January 31, 2022 (posted 12/15/2021)

  • Course Assistant for Econ 1133: Authoritarian Superpower: The Political Economy of Modern China, Spring 22. Duties may involve teaching one section that meets bi-weekly and collaborating with Professor Yang on various aspects of the course. Pay is $19/hour and work commitment averages 10 hours/week. If interested, please email davidyang@fas.harvard.edu (posted 12/13/2021)

  • Research Assistant for Chika Okafor, graduate student in economics and law, to support one of three projects on climate change, environmental policy, or social good (based on interest and background). Deadline: none given (posted 12/5/2021)
  • Summer Teaching Internship: serve as a teaching fellow in a social science curriculum for the Center for Hellenic Studies High School Summer Program in Greece. Deadline: 2/28/2022 (posted 12/5/2021) 
  • Spring 2022 Peer Tutors: The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is currently recruiting peer tutors for several spring economics courses. Peer tutoring can be a great and rewarding way to use your hard-earned economics knowledge and help others. Apply here. (posted 11/26/2021)
  • Course Assistant for Econ 1745: Corporate Finance, Spring 2022.  Duties may involve: 1. leading sections or problem-solving sessions and other limited instructional duties. 2. evaluating students’ assignments when the grading involves objective assessment. Pay is $19/hour and work commitment averages 10 hours/week. If interested, please email gpetrakis@fas.harvard.edu. (posted 11/26/2021)
  • Full and Part-time Interns at the Council of Economic Advisors, for spring or summer program. Interns assist in statistical analysis, data collection, and other parts of the policy process on a wide range of issues of economic significance. Deadline: none given. (posted 11/15/2021) 
  • Research Assistant with expertise in banking and finance. Knowledge about/interest in the Global South, particularly South Asia, is preferred. 2-3 hours/week for several months. Deadline: none given. (posted 10/29/2021)
  • Economist Intern at Lyft, San Francisco, for juniors. Deadline: none given. (posted 10/6/2021)
  • Research Assistant for Profs. Gabriel Kreindler and Julia Cajal (Graduate Institute, Geneva). Specifically looking for a student who has lived in the greater Dhaka area, to help with designing and creating an accurate dataset of neighborhoods and locations. Experience with or interest in GIS and Google Maps API is a plus, but not required. Deadline: none given, but looking to fill the position ASAP. (posted 9/30/2021)
  • Summer Analyst at Eastdil, a commercial real estate investment bank. For students graduating in May 2023. Deadline: none given (posted 9/24/2021)
  • Summer 2022 Interns: Economic consulting opportunity at Analysis Group (posted 9/16/2021)
  • Part Time Research Assistant: Professor Nunn is seeking a part time research assistant to work on precolonial sub-Saharan Africa research. The position will require 20 work hours per week for a 3-month term (posted 9/10/2021)
  • Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC): A one-stop place where undergraduate students from any backgrounds can find all the information they need, including available RA job positions around the country, educational material to prepare for e.g. data tests, guidance on courses to take, testimonials, and more.
  • NBER RA page. Aggregates RA searches by NBER fellows. 

For Seniors

  • Research Assistant at the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago. Full time research assistants will work closely on faculty research across all areas of economics. Deadline: 1/31/2022 (posted 1/10/2022)

  • Full Time Research Assistants: The Board of Governors and the 12 Federal Reserve is seeking full-time research assistants for Spring and Summer 2022. Deadline: none given (posted 1/6/2022)

  • Analyst in Energy Policy, The Congressional Research Service is seeking an individual to utilize analytical methods and techniques to analyze energy policy issues for the U.S. Congress focusing on oil and gas markets. Deadline: 1/18/2022 (posted 1/6/2022)

  • Research Assistant, The Bridge Program at Columbia University seeks full time research assistant to conduct research in behavioral economics, development, macroeconomics, urban economics, industrial organization, education, health, and political economy. Deadline:  2/15/2022 (posted 1/6/2022)

  • PhD Excellence Initiative Fellowship, seeks a research fellow to work for two years under Peter Blair Henry in New York City. This fellow will craft articles, formulate questions, collect data, engage in statistical analysis, and increase familiarity with the publishing process. Deadline: 2/1/2022 (posted 1/5/2022)

  • Research Assistant for Prof. Grant Miller at Stanford in the Department of Health Policy for the 2022-2023 academic year. The full-time Research Assistant will collaborate on a variety of research projects. Deadline: none given. (posted 12/16/2021)

  • Research Data Analyst, The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. The Penn Wharton Budget Model is seeking to hire Research Data Analysts to assist with faculty-led research with several public policy topics. Deadline: none given (posted 12/8/2021)

  • Research Assistant, MIT Sloan School of Management. Full time position collaborating with Professors Christopher Palmer, Lawrence Schmidt, and Taha Choukhmane on empirical projects in asset pricing, household and consumer finance, behavioral economics, macroeconomics, and micro-econometrics. Starts June or July 2022 for at least one year, ideally two. Deadline: none given (posted 12/2/2021)

  • Research Specialist, Development Innovation Lab at the University of Chicago. The Research Specialist will perform routine assignments related to scientific research projects and will work closely with the faculty director, Professor Michael Kremer, on a daily basis. (posted 11/27/2021)
  • Research Associate for Prof. Jesse Shapiro. The position will entail close collaboration on a number of new and ongoing projects in applied microeconomics, broadly defined. This position is ideal for candidates with an interest in economics who have plans for doctoral studies in two years. (posted 11/26/2021)
  • Various Predoctoral positions at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. (posted 11/26/2021)
  • HBS Research Associate to work in Strategy, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, Marketing, Negotiation, Organizations and Markets, or Organizational Behavior unit. Deadline: none given. (posted 11/4/2021) 
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow Program, Tobin Center for Economic Policy, Yale University. Work 1-2 years for Yale Faculty and engage in additional education and training activities, including taking for credit one course per semester, weekly professional development seminars, and departmental seminars. Most fellows work in common workspaces to foster camaraderie and peer learning. Deadline: none given. (posted 11/1/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant in Wharton's Real Estate Center (University of Pennsylvania). For BAs looking for 2-3 years of research experience before heading off to grad school in economics. RAs work *directly* with faculty members in the department on a variety of topics related to applied micro, household finance, IO, public finance, development, and urban economics. Deadline: none given (posted 9/29/2021).
  • Analyst Program at Eastdil, a commercial real estate investment bank. Deadline: none given (posted 9/24/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant: Behavioral Economics at UCLA with profs. Dan Benjamin, Miles Kimball, Ori Heffetz, and Kristen Cooper. Start date: immediate (posted 9/17/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant: Behavioral Economics at UCLA with profs. Dan Benjamin, Miles Kimball, Ori Heffetz, and Kristen Cooper. Start date: Summer 2022 (posted 9/17/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant: Genoeconomics at the NBER with profs. Dan Benjamin, David Cesarini, and David Laibson. Start date: Summer 2022 (posted 9/17/2021)
  • Full-time Analyst: Economic consulting opportunity at Analysis Group (posted 9/16/2021)
  • Full-time Empirical Research Fellows: Stanford Law School Research Fellow Program, beginning Summer 2022. (posted 9/15/2021)
  • Compilation of job opportunities for graduating seniors interested in research-based careers​.
  • Pre-Doctoral fellowships: Professors Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and John Friedman are seeking full-time research assistants to start Summer 2022 with Opportunity Insights (posted 9/14/2021)
  • NBER RA page. Aggregates RA searches by NBER fellows. 

Funding Opportunities

Other Interesting Opportunities