Throughout the year, there are always many opportunities available to undergraduates to enhance your knowledge and experience in the field of Economics.  Below are different types of opportunities currently available.

The Ec Department runs a Semester Undergraduate Program for Economics Research (SUPER), which pairs students with faculty for semester-long RA positions. The application and hiring cycle for Fall 2022 starts on August 1st, 2022. Please stay tuned on our website (and make sure you are signed up on our listserv to receive notification when SUPER is accepting applications).

Types of Opportunities:

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Jobs, Research Analysts or Assistantships, Internships

  • Research Assistant: PhD candidate seeks Research Assistant for a project studying the design of the US Superfund program and how this may affect its accessibility and benefits. If interested, contact Jenna Anders at janders@g.harvard.edu. Deadline: none given (posted 8/11/2022)

  • Research Assistant: PhD candidate seeks Research Assistant with experience in text analysis, natural language processing, and R for a project analyzing police reports. If interested, contact Romaine Campbell at rcampbell@g.harvard.eduDeadline: none given (posted 7/28/2022)

  • Research Assistant: The Culture, Cognition, and Coevolution lab at the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology seeks an undergrad to work on computational and programming tasks. If interested, contact Mona Xue at culture.cognition.evo.lab@gmail.com. Deadline: none given (posted 6/14/2022)

  • Undergraduate Researcher: Mag7 Technologies seeks an undergrad researcher to explore and analyze data to estimate market potential for their IP and products. Deadline: none given (posted 6/14/2022)

  • Research Assistant: PhD Candidate seeks part-time undergrad research assistant to work on a set of research projects focused on capital cities in Latin American countries and in the U.S. If interested, contact Alice Xu at alice.xu@yale.edu. Deadline: none given (posted 3/24/2022)

  • Course Assistant: Raj Chetty and Gregory Bruich are hiring CAs for Economics 50 Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems.  Please write to gbruich@fas.harvard.edu if interested. Students who have taken the class previously are preferred.

  • Research Assistant: Professor Alisha Holland seeks research assistant for project on infrastructure investment. This position is part-time at 10 hours per week at $20/hr. If interested, please contact Alisha Holland at aholland@fas.harvard.edu. Deadline: none given (posted 1/21/2022)

  • Data Science Intern: Farallon Capital is seeking a sophomore to join their labs team to analyze proprietary large-scale datasets. If interested contact labs@faralloncapital.com. Deadline: none given (posted 1/21/2022)

  • Summer Analyst at Eastdil, a commercial real estate investment bank. For students graduating in May 2023. Deadline: none given (posted 9/24/2021)
  • Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC): A one-stop place where undergraduate students from any backgrounds can find all the information they need, including available RA job positions around the country, educational material to prepare for e.g. data tests, guidance on courses to take, testimonials, and more.
  • NBER RA page. Aggregates RA searches by NBER fellows. 

For Seniors

  • Research Associate: The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis seeks research assistants for Spring/Summer of 2023 to perform statistical, econometric, computational, and analytical research. Deadline: 10/14/2022 (posted 8/17/2022)

  • Research Assistant: Economics professors Dan Benjamin, Miles Kimball, Ori Heffetz , Kristen Cooper and their co-authors employ a full-time research assistant with a start date during the Summer of 2023. Deadline: none given (posted 7/28/2022)

  • Research Assistant: Economics professors Dan Benjamin, David Cesarini, David Laibson and their co-authors employ full‐time research assistants at the NBER with start dates during the summer of 2023. Deadline: none given (posted 7/28/2022)

  • Research Professional: The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics (BFI) is seeking to hire a Research Professional to work on new and ongoing research projects in econometrics, with a special focus on causal inference and machine learning under Professors Guillaume Pouliot and Alexander Torgovitsky. Deadline: none given (posted 3/24/2022)

  • Research Associate: The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College is seeking a full time Research Associate with strong statistical, economic, and technical knowledge. Deadline: none given (posted 3/3/2022)

  • Research Associate: The IDEA Lab at J-PAL South Asia seeks a research associate to work closely with a Data Manager and Senior Manager in one or more states in India to increase the use of administrative data. Deadline: none given (posted 2/25/2022)

  • Business Development Role: London-based fin-tech/legal-tech start-up developing visualization tools is recruiting for Miami-based office. If interested, contact info@jigsawcreate.com. Deadline: none given (posted 1/21/2022)

  • Research Assistant, MIT Sloan School of Management. Full time position collaborating with Professors Christopher Palmer, Lawrence Schmidt, and Taha Choukhmane on empirical projects in asset pricing, household and consumer finance, behavioral economics, macroeconomics, and micro-econometrics. Starts June or July 2022 for at least one year, ideally two. Deadline: none given (posted 12/2/2021)

  • Analyst Program at Eastdil, a commercial real estate investment bank. Deadline: none given (posted 9/24/2021)
  • Full-time Analyst: Economic consulting opportunity at Analysis Group (posted 9/16/2021)
  • Compilation of job opportunities for graduating seniors interested in research-based careers​.
  • NBER RA page. Aggregates RA searches by NBER fellows. 

Funding Opportunities

Other Interesting Opportunities