Throughout the year, there are always many opportunities available to undergraduates to enhance your knowledge and experience in the field of Economics.  Below are different types of opportunities currently available.

The Ec Department launched the second round of its Semester Undergraduate Program for Economics Research (SUPER), which pairs students with faculty for semester-long RA positions. The application and hiring cycle for Fall 2021 is now closed. Please stay tuned on our website for the Spring 2022 SUPER round. 

Types of Opportunities:

Jobs, Research Analysts or Assistantships, Internships  For Seniors  Funding Opportunities  Other Interesting Opportunities

Jobs, Research Analysts or Assistantships, Internships

  • Professor Greg Mankiw is looking to hire 1-2 students to work part-time and help him proofread the new edition of his textbook, Principles of Economics. Work would start mid-December and continue through the spring. If you are interested, please email Prof. Mankiw a letter, resume, and transcript (ngmankiw@harvard.edu). Applications deadline: 11/27/21. (posted 10/19/21)
  • Economist Intern at Lyft, San Francisco, for juniors. For more information, you can attend a Zoom info session on October 25, 6PM EDT, by RSVP'ing here. Deadline: none given. (posted 10/6/2021)
  • Women in Finance Fellowship - Full-time summer internship for female-identifying students interested in finance, in departments within the Massachusetts State Treasury or in quasi-agencies chaired by the Office of the State Treasurer. Application deadline: 12/10/2021. (posted on 10/6/2021)
  • Economic Research Intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Deadline: none listed. (posted: 10/5/2021)
  • Research Assistant for Profs. Gabriel Kreindler and Julia Cajal (Graduate Institute, Geneva). Specifically looking for a student who has lived in the greater Dhaka area, to help with designing and creating an accurate dataset of neighborhoods and locations. Experience with or interest in GIS and Google Maps API is a plus, but not required. Deadline: none given, but looking to fill the position ASAP. (posted on 9/30/2021)
  • Summer Analyst at Eastdil, a commercial real estate investment bank. For students graduating in May 2023. No application deadline given (posted 9/24/2021)
  • Part-Time Research Assistant: Graduate student Awa Ambra Seck is seeking an RA to help on a project on forced migration and military deployment patterns in colonial Morocco and French West Africa. Candidates should be interested in African history and culture, proficient at Excel, and Stata. Familiarity with Python, ArcGIS/QGIS, and knowledge of French are also a plus. (posted 9/22/2021)
  • Summer 2022 Interns: Economic consulting opportunity at Analysis Group (posted 9/16/2021)
  • Summer 2022 Interns: Research Division at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Deadline to apply: Oct. 31. (posted 9/15/2021)
  • Part Time Research Assistant: Professor Nunn is seeking a part time research assistant to work on precolonial sub-Saharan Africa research. The position will require 20 work hours per week for a 3-month term (posted 9/10/2021)
  • ARC Peer Tutors: The Academic Resource Center is seeking Peer Tutors for several Economics courses. The pay rate is $19/hour for tutoring, prep work, training, and other related work. If interested, contact Jill Eisenberg for more information (posted 8/5/2021)
  • Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC): A one-stop place where undergraduate students from any backgrounds can find all the information they need, including available RA job positions around the country, educational material to prepare for e.g. data tests, guidance on courses to take, testimonials, and more.

For Seniors

  • Full-time , Two-Year, Research Professional with Profs. Lamadon, Mogstad, and Rose, to work on new and ongoing research projects related to applied econometrics, labor, and public economics. Program serves as a bridge between college and graduate school for students interested in empirical economics. Starting date: Summer 2022. Deadline: 11/5/2021 (posted 10/26/2021)
  • Director's Finanacial Anayst at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: two-year rotational fellowship at the intersection of the federal government and financial services industry. Current analyst, Maryann Placheril (Maryann.placheril@cfpb.gov) encourages queries. Online info sessions 10/26/2021, 11/18/2021, and 12/10/2021. Applications accepted between 12/6/2021 and 1/3/2022 (posted: 10/19/2021)
  • Quantitative Fellowship at the Federal Reserve (various locations): two-year rotational program designed to develop candidates with strong analytical skills into full-time quantitative analysts. Application deadline: 12/20/2021 (posted on 10/5/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant in Wharton's Real Estate Center (University of Pennsylvania). For BAs looking for 2-3 years of research experience before heading off to grad school in economics. RAs work *directly* with faculty members in the department on a variety of topics related to applied micro, household finance, IO, public finance, development, and urban economics. Application deadline: none given (date posted: 9/29/2021).
  • Analyst Program at Eastdil, a commercial real estate investment bank. No application deadline given. (date posted: 9/24/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant: Behavioral Economics at UCLA with profs. Dan Benjamin, Miles Kimball, Ori Heffetz, and Kristen Cooper. Start date: immediate (date posted: 9/17/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant: Behavioral Economics at UCLA with profs. Dan Benjamin, Miles Kimball, Ori Heffetz, and Kristen Cooper. Start date: Summer 2022 (date posted: 9/17/2021)
  • Full-time Research Assistant: Genoeconomics at the NBER with profs. Dan Benjamin, David Cesarini, and David Laibson. Start date: Summer 2022 (date posted: 9/17/2021)
  • Junior Fellows: Treasury Office of International Affairs. Deadline to apply: 10/30/21 (posted 9/17/2021)
  • Full-time Analyst: Economic consulting opportunity at Analysis Group (posted 9/16/2021)
  • Full-time Empirical Research Fellows: Stanford Law School Research Fellow Program, beginning Summer 2022. (posted 9/15/2021)
  • Compilation of job opportunities for graduating seniors interested in research-based careers​.
  • Pre-Doctoral fellowships: Professors Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, and John Friedman are seeking full-time research assistants to start Summer 2022 with Opportunity Insights (posted 9/14/2021)
  • Full Time Research Assistants: The Board of Governors and the 12 Federal Reserve is seeking full-time research assistants for Spring and Summer 2022 (posted 9/3/2021)

Funding Opportunities

Other Interesting Opportunities