Seminars: Macroeconomics Policy

Seminar in Macroeconomics Policy

Term: Spring 2022

Location: Zoom

Meeting Time:  1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Description: This seminar will feature presentations on current macroeconomic policy issues by Economics Department faculty and invited outsider speakers.  Specific topics will include (among others) tax reform, fiscal policy, monetary policy in the U.S. and in other advanced economies, international imbalances, labor market policies, raising the U.S. economic growth rate, Europe's economic problems, housing and the mortgage market.  Students not taking the course for credit are welcome to participate in each week's discussion.

List Serve/Announcements:



2/1/22    David Wessel (Brookings) "The Fed’s New Framework and the COVID Economy"
2/8/22 Jason Furman (Harvard) "Why Did (Almost) Nobody See Inflation Coming and What Does That Mean for What’s Next?"
2/15/22 Betsey Stevenson (Michigan) “The Labor Market is Smaller, Tighter, and Frothier Than Prior to the Pandemic: What Will It Mean For the Macroeconomy?”
2/22/22 Claudio Borio (Bank for International Settlements) "Navigating by r*: Safe or Hazardous?" Slides Paper
3/1/22 Mervyn King (former governor, Bank of England) "Have Central Banks and Macroeconomics Lost Their Intellectual Anchor?"
3/8/22 Gabriel Chodorow-Reich (Harvard) "Why Did the US Recover So Quickly from the COVID Recession?"
3/15/22 No meeting – spring vacation ----
3/22/22 Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton) "The Resilient Society"
3/29/22 Ignazio Angeloni (former supervisory board member, ECB) "Banks, Prosperity, and Inequality Across U.S. Regions"
4/5/22 Melissa Kearney (Maryland) "U.S. Demographic Changes: Trends in Fertility and Family Structure"
4/12/22 Kevin Hassett (former chairman, Council of Economic Advisors) "The Role of Economics in the Trump White House"
4/19/22 Ludwig Straub (Harvard) "Disaggregated Economic Accounts and Implications for Targeted Fiscal Policy"
4/26/22 Karen Dynan (Harvard) "Household Saving and Social Security"