Research Appointments

Non-Stipendary Research Appointments

A research appointment is necessary for any visitor who does not pay tuition. Research appointments include post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and associates of the department.

The application rules for research appointments in the Harvard Economics Department are as follows:

  1. The Harvard Economics Department does not have a formal program for researchers who wish to visit the department.
  2. Nevertheless, some ad hoc research appointments are occasionally made by the department.
  3. Applicants should have a PhD and must have a Harvard Economics Department faculty sponsor.
  4. The applicant should submit a cover letter at least three months prior to arrival, a visa, and a description of the purpose of the visit and the research that will be implemented. The applicant should also name the faculty member who will sponsor them.
  5. Additional materials may be requested by the committee.
  6. All visiting appointments must be a minimum of 3 months.