Seminars: Labor Economics

Seminar in Labor Economics

Term:   Fall 2021

Location: Zoom (virtual attendees) and Littauer, Hanson Mason Room 

Meeting Time:  Monday and/or Wednesday, 4:30-5:45 unless noted *

Description: Invited speakers present theoretical and empirical research on a broad range of topics related to the design of government policy.

List Serve/Announcements: Join Labor Economics Listserv 

Notes:  The Labor Economics and Public Economics Seminars meet Jointly many times through the semester. The meetings will take place virtually, by Zoom.
Coordinator: Liz Thach

*Joint with History, Friday,  1:15 pm - 2:45 pm Littauer M16



Date Speaker Title
9/13/2021 Matthew Lilley (Harvard University) "Go South Young Man: Right to Work Laws and the US Labor Market"
9/22/2021 Ashesh Rambachan (Harvard University) "Identifying Prediction Mistakes in Observational Data"
9/27/2021 Helen Ho (Harvard University) "Ask and You Might Disappoint: Reference-Dependent Preferences and Worker Voice"
9/29/2021 Enrico Di Gregorio (Harvard University) "Audit Rule Disclosure and Tax Compliance"
10/4/2021 Alex Albright (Harvard University) "Title Pending"
10/6/2021 Sarah Armitage (Harvard University) "Technology Transitions and the Timing of Environmental Policy: Evidence from Efficient Lighting"
10/8/2021 * Jamein Cunningham (Cornell University) "Title Pending"
10/13/2021 Justin Bloesch (Harvard University) "Title Pending"
10/18/2021 John Tebes (Harvard University) "Title Pending"
10/25/2021 Kevin Connolly (Harvard University) "Title Pending"
11/3/2021 Kirabo Jackson (Northwestern University) "Title Pending"
11/10/2021 Thibaut Lamadon (University of Chicago) "Title Pending"
11/17/2021 Francisca Antman (University of Colorado at Boulder) "Title Pending"
11/22/2021 Nathan Wilmers (MIT Sloan School) "Title Pending"
12/1/2021 Sandra E. Black (Columbia University) "Title Pending"