IT Resources

Computing Resources are provided to the department by a few different groups at the University.  Below is a list of those groups and which members of the community they support.


FAS Research Computing

FAS Research Computing provides servers and access to clusters to run computations and dataset storage for any research datasets that are classified as level 2 or lower.  They also have a dedicated space setup for level 3 datasets called FASSE (FAS Secure Environment) for an additional charge.  

Resources and software that FAS RC provides include: Stata, R, Matlab, Mathematica.  They also provide software for submitting large jobs to run over longer periods of time if you have large datasets that require significant processing time.   Assistance and access is available to department undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and research staff. 

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Harvard University Information Technology

Harvard University Information Technology provides support for endpoints (laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices), e-mail, calendaring, contacts, collaborative file sharing, video chat and telephone support.  

HUIT provides all full-time faculty members and staff with one computer, laptop or desktop running either macOS or Windows 10, once every 4 years.  HUIT has a set of standard selections available.  Faculty and staff may also elect to customize or buy other systems instead. In those cases, HUIT will only fund $1000 of the cost of the system and the remainder must be covered by the individual purchasing the system.

HUIT provides all department faculty, staff and students with access to the e-mail accounts, site licensed software, Zoom and Teams video conferencing.

For dataset storage, HUIT provides a few different options.  There are older departmental shares that can be mounted as network drives that can store any datasets deemed level 3 or lower, as well as Google for Harvard and Harvard Dropbox.  For any datasets deemed level 4, HUIT can provision a server instance in their Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure for an additional cost.  The payment for this service would need to be provided by the researcher or faculty member.

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