Have questions about the concentration, course selection, possible career paths?  We are here for you!  All students are welcome to visit us in person or in our virtual Zoom office hours during the academic year.  

Office Hours

During the academic year, the Ec Advisors hold 30 hours of weekly office hours (OH).  No appointment needed!  Just come on by for a one-on-one chat with an advisor in person or stop in our zoom room for a virtual meeting.  If there are other students in Zoom OH, you will be in the Zoom "waiting room" until it's your turn.

All of your Ec Advisors are here for you to chat, discuss, answer questions--whatever you need. When office hours are closed, you can reach your advisors via email (contact info below). 

Ec Advising OH are closed for Summer 2022; we will re-start OH in August (exact date TBD).  If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please reach out to an Ec Advisor anytime (contact info below)!

Concentration Advisors

The Advising Team consists of five PhD economists who serve as Lecturer/Advisors: Kiran Gajwani, Anne Le Brun, Greg Bruich, Thomas Baranga, and Andrés Maggi. Concentration advisors release advisor holds during course selection, meet with you to discuss your plan of study, approve changes of concentration, and so on (House tutors cannot sign forms for the concentration). They can also help you understand your departmental requirements, discuss your academic interests, and offer advice on course choices and future plans. So, who is your advisor? 

  • Adams and Lowell Houses: Anne Le Brun (Litt 109)
  • Cabot, Currier, and Pforzheimer Houses: Kiran Gajwani  (Litt 115)
  • Dudley Community , Leverett, and Quincy Houses: Andrés Maggi (Litt 116)
  • Dunster and Mather Houses: Greg Bruich (Litt 113)
  • Eliot, Kirkland, and Winthrop Houses: Thomas Baranga (Litt 111)

You are always welcome to talk with any economics advisor, and any advisor can sign forms for you.  However, we encourage you to email the advisor assigned to your House for any questions and to get to know them over your years as a concentrator. 

Economics House Tutors

Economics House Tutors are appointed by House Faculty Deans as resident or nonresident tutors and have experience and interest in Economics. House tutors serve on committees and organize House events for residents. Econ House tutors can also give you informal concentration advice. 

Director of Undergraduate Studies

If you have a matter that you would like to discuss with a faculty member, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Jeffrey Miron (Litt 235, by appointment). 

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

For general inquiries, Justine Johnson--the Undergraduate Program Coordinator (UPC)--is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please contact