Seminars: Law, Economics, & Organization

Term:  Fall 2021
Location:  HLS  Hauser 105
Meeting Time:  Mondays 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Description: The presentation of work in progress in the field of law, economics, and organizations. Presentations by members of the various Harvard faculties, outside speakers, and graduate students. Offered jointly with the Law School as 96250-11 and with the Business School as 4670

List Serve/Announcements: Contact Molly Eskridge to be added to the email distribution list OR for a copy the papers.


September 13  Oren Bar-Gill (HLS)   Manipulation by Mislaid Priorities
September 20  Zoë Cullen (HBS)   The Equilibrium Effects of Pay Transparency
September 27  open  
October 4  open  
October 11  Columbus Day  
October 12 Tue.  Lawrence Summers (Harvard)   Rethinking How We Score Capital Gains Tax Reform
October 18 Antoinette Schoar (MIT)   Blockchain Analysis of the Bitcoin Market
 Octobrer 25  Luigi Zingales (Chicago, Booth)  KIll Zone
November 1   Kathy Spier (HLS)   Holding Platforms Liable
November 8   Lucian Bebchuk (HLS)   ESG Investing: Rational and Irrational
November15   Mihir Desai (HLS/HBS)   A Better Way to Measure Shareholder Returns ...And Managerial Performance
November 22  open  
November 29  open