Seminars: Law, Economics, & Organization

Seminars: Law, Economics, and Organization

Term: Spring 2022

Location: HLS  Hauser 105

Meeting Time: Mondays 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Description: The presentation of work in progress in the field of law, economics, and organizations. Presentations by members of the various Harvard faculties, outside speakers, and graduate students. Offered jointly with the Law School as 96250-11 and with the Business School as 4670

List Serve/Announcements: Contact Molly Eskridge to be added to the email distribution list OR for a copy of the papers.



January 24

Imke Reimers (Northeastern)

Visibility of Technology and Cumulative Innovation: Evidence from Trade Secrecy Protection Laws

February 7

Edward Glaeser (Harvard)

 Property Rights and Urban Form

February 14

Will Dobbie (Kennedy School)

Measuring Racial Discrimination in Algorithms

February 21



February 28

Devesh Raval (FTC)

Do Gatekeepers Produce Worse Products? Evidence from Online Review Platforms

 March 7

Andrei Hagiu (BU)

Data-Enabled Learning, Network Effects and Competitive Advantage

March 14



March 21

Ariana Robertson (Toronto)

Noisy Factors

March 28



April 4

Samuel Antill (HBS)

Financing the Litigation Arms Race

April 11

Charles Angelucci (MIT)

Self-Reporting Schemes and Employee Wrongdoing

April 18



April 25