Seminars: Public Economics

Seminar in Public Economics

Term: Spring 2022

Location: Zoom

Meeting Time: Monday and/or Wednesday, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM unless noted *

Description: Invited speakers present theoretical and empirical research on a broad range of topics related to the design of government policy.

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Notes:  The Public Economics and Labor Economics Seminars meet jointly many times through the semester. Currently, the Public Economics and Labor Economics Seminars meet via Zoom. Usually, the meetings take place in the Littauer Hansen-Mason Room, North Yard.
Coordinator: Michael O'Neil

*Joint with History 1:15 pm -2:45 pm


Date Speaker Title 
Februrary 9
David Yang
(Harvard University)
"Policy Experimentation in China: the Political Economy of Policy Learning"
Februrary 16
Isaac Sorkin
(Stanford University)
"Teacher preferences and student achievement"
Februrary 23
Nina Roussille
“The Central Role of the Ask Gap in Gender Pay Inequality”
March 2
Sue Dynarski
(Harvard University)
"The Power Of Certainty: Experimental Evidence On The Effective Design Of Free Tuition Programs"
March 11
Zach Bleemer*
(Harvard University)
"The Causes and Consequences of College-Going in the Great Depression"
March 23
Alexandre Mas
(Princeton University)
"Labor Market Impacts of Reducing Felony Convictions: Evaluating Observational Approaches with Quasi- and Randomized Experiments”
March 30
MacKenzie Alston
(Florida State University)
"The Effects of the 2020 Social Justice Movement on Faculty"
April 6
Emily Cuddy
(Northwestern University)
"Rules vs. Discretion: Treatment of Mental Illness in U.S. Adolescents"
April 20
Anna Aizer*
(Brown University)
"The Persistent Effects of Decreasing Labor-Market Discrimination"
April 27
Robert Metcalfe
(University of Southern California)
"Estimating Welfare when Prices Differ from Marginal Cost: The Case of Congestion Pricing"