Secondary Field

Secondary Field submissions are approved when you are enrolled in the last class that fulfills the requirements.  In order to have your secondary field approved:

  1. Declare your secondary on
  2. Fill out a secondary field form.
  3. Bring your form to a concentration advisor for approval.

Requirements: 6 courses

  1. Economics 10a and 10b: Principles of Economics. (information on Ec 10ab and placing out of it.)
  2. One course from:
    --Economics 1010a/1011a: Microeconomic Theory
    --Economics 1010b/1011b: Macroeconomic Theory
    These courses teach the analytical tools used by economists. 1011ab assume background in multivariate calculus; 1010ab assume only single variable calculus. A minimum grade of B- is required.
  3. Three courses from the Economics courses in 
    --All Economics courses and cross-listed courses are eligible except for 910r,  970,  975ab, 985, 990, and graduate-level research seminars/workshops. Taking both 1010a/1011a and 1010b/1011b meets requirement 2 above and one of the courses in requirement 3.

Other Information

  • You must take all secondary field courses for a letter grade.
  • You do not have to fulfill an Ec writing requirement or a theory prerequisite requirement.
  • Only Ec courses and explicitly cross-listed or jointly-offered courses count for the secondary. Exception: only one of Statistics 100, 104, 109, or 110; Applied Math 101; or Math 154 can qualify as one of the three courses under requirement 3.
  • Students can count only one non-Harvard-term-time course towards their Ec secondary field requirements. This includes approved Harvard Summer School ec courses, approved Study Abroad ec courses, and approved cross-registered ec courses at MIT.
  • You may not count a Freshman Seminar for the secondary field.
  • Secondary field Ec students are not given preferential access to limited enrollment courses.
  • You may only double-count one course towards your concentration and secondary requirements.

Advising Resources

You may visit the concentration advisers during office hours in Littauer 109-116, 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday.  Anne Le Brun, Kiran Gajwani, Greg Bruich, Thomas Baranga, and Judd Cramer can sign Secondary Field forms; please see them during their OH.