Secondary Field

Monday, April 1 is the last day upon which May 2019 and November 2019 Degree Candidates may submit an approved petition for a secondary field to the Office of the Registrar. Please meet with an ec concentration advisor by 4pm that day.


Secondary Field submissions are approved when you are enrolled in the last class that fulfills the requirements.  In order to have your secondary field approved:

  1. Declare your secondary on
  2. Fill out a secondary field form.
  3. Bring your form to a concentration advisor for approval.

Requirements: 6 courses

  1. Economics 10a and 10b: Principles of Economics. (information on Ec 10ab and placing out of it.)
  2. One course from:
    --Economics 1010a/1011a: Microeconomic Theory
    --Economics 1010b/1011b: Macroeconomic Theory
    These courses teach the analytical tools used by economists. 1011ab assume background in multivariate calculus; 1010ab assume only single variable calculus. A minimum grade of B- is required.
  3. Three courses from the Economics courses in
    --All Economics courses and cross-listed courses are eligible except for 910r,  970,  975ab, 985, 990, and graduate-level research seminars/workshops. Taking both 1010a/1011a and 1010b/1011b meets requirement 2 above and one of the courses in requirement 3.

Other Information

  • You must take all secondary field courses for a letter grade.
  • You do not have to fulfill an Ec writing requirement or a theory prerequisite requirement.
  • Only Ec courses and explicitly cross-listed or jointly-offered courses count for the secondary. Exception: only one of Statistics 100, 104, 109, or 110; Applied Math 101; or Math 154 can qualify as one of the three courses under requirement 3.
  • Students can count only one non-Harvard-term-time course towards their Ec secondary field requirements. This includes approved Harvard Summer School ec courses, approved Study Abroad ec courses, and approved cross-registered ec courses at MIT.
  • You may not count a Freshman Seminar for the secondary field.
  • Secondary field Ec students are not given preferential access to limited enrollment courses.
  • You may only double-count one course towards your concentration and secondary requirements.

Advising Resources

You may visit the concentration advisers during office hours in Littauer 109-116, 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday.  Anne Le Brun, Kiran Gajwani, Greg Bruich, Thomas Baranga, and Judd Cramer can sign Secondary Field forms; please see them during their OH.