Report A Concern

We recognize that it can be hard to find and trust resources if you have a concern or complaint about your experiences in the economics department or at Harvard University more broadly. We hope you find this listing helpful:

  • The College encourages students to report incidents involving harassment, discrimination, or bias. The options include an online Bias Incident Report Form that is monitored by Alta Mauro, Associate Dean for Inclusion & Belonging.
  • Students are also encouraged to talk to their resident Dean.
  • The Harvard Office for Gender Equity provides several choices for students who want to discuss a concern related to sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct, emphasizing the impacted party’s power to choose the option that feels most comfortable to them. For instance, they offer a 24/7 confidential crisis hotline, a set of confidential resources, a way to anonymously report a concern, and a link to file a formal complaint. College Title IX also works specifically with College students on navigating related resources and supportive measures.
  • If you would like to speak with someone in the department, you could email – this is an email address that only Jeff Miron, our DUS, and Kiran Gajwani, our Associate Director of Undergrad Advising, have access to. You may of course also chat with any ec advisor, but it’s good to know ahead of time that they are considered “Responsible Employees.” This means that they if they hear of any possible sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct, they are required to share it to a Title IX Resource Coordinator who will then reach out to you with resources.