Sophomore Tutorial


Please see the Ec 970 Canvas Site for information on Sophomore Tutorials offered in Fall 2019.

There will be a mandatory meeting for all students interested in taking Ec 970 Fall 2019 on Tuesday, September 3rd at 2:30, location TBD.   More information on each tutorial can be found on the Ec 970 Canvas Site.

The Sophomore Tutorial (Ec 970) applies the tools learned in previous Ec courses and helps students become consumers and producers of economic research. Tutorials are offered on a wide variety of topics, ranging from education to the determinants of stock price fluctuations, from international trade to law and economics, from the role of women in the labor market to antitrust, from game theory to development economics.

All Ec concentrators are required to take Ec 970 and usually do during Sophomore year. At the start of each semester, you must attend the Ec 970 meeting where you can meet all the Ec 970 instructors and receive instructions on how to lottery.  If you have any questions, contact Dani Doyle at

The prereqs for Ec 970 are Stats 104 (or equivalent) and Ec 1010a/1011a. Many of the tutorials recommend or require prior or concurrent enrollment in econometrics; however, each year we offer a few tutorials that do not have this requirement.

Our Writing Economics guide is a great reference for students taking Ec 970, as well as for anyone doing any writing in economics (course paper, thesis, RAship, etc.).