Applied Math/Economics

The AM/Ec "marriage" is a rational one. Mathematical modeling is used extensively in economics, and the foundation of economic theory is formed on a mathematical basis.

The AM/Ec requirements include five Ec classes:

  • Ec 1010a or Ec 1011a (preferably Ec 1011a)
  • Ec 1011b
  • one of Ec 1126, Stats 186, or Stats 111
  • two economics classes from this list (if you would like more information on which courses historically counted, please email

Ordinarily, AM/Ec does not give concentration credit for the less mathematical classes Ec 1010b or Ec 1123.


Outside Harvard Hall Jina Lee and Insup Lee, Harvard Economics '13, talk with Harvard President Drew Faust before joining the procession to the Phi Beta Kappa Literary Exercises in Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer