Toasting the Generals

First-year Ph.D. candidates celebrate having completed their General Written Examinations. Generals cover micro- and macro-economic concepts and are administered at the end of the Spring Term.  Left to right: Laura Blattner, Alonso de Gortari, Andrea Passalacqua, Chenzi Xu, and Gordon Liao. 

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Harvard Team Captures World Debate Crown

Ben Sprung-Keyser '15

Economics concentrator Ben Sprung-Keyser '15 (pictured above) traveled to Chennai, India over the January break and came back with a crown – the World Universities Debating Championship crown. He and his debating partner became the first Harvard students to win “Worlds” in over 20 years. Ben competed with Josh Zoffer '14, a social studies concentrator interested in economic history, against teams from colleges around the world. In the final round of the competition, Ben and Josh debated the implementation of "radical free-market policies." For more information, click here