2020 Dissertation Prize Announcements

June 8, 2020
Elisa Rubbo

Congratulations to Elisa Rubbo and Jonathan Roth.  Elisa is this year's winner of the Padma Desai Prize in Economics and Jonathan is this year's winner of the David A. Well's Prize.

Elisa Rubbo’s interests are in Macroeconomics and International Economics. Her current work develops a framework to study monetary policy in an economy with multiple sectors, which sell intermediate inputs to each other and employ different workers. Key questions that arise in this economy are: what is the correct measure of economy-wide inflation? Which sectors are more important for monetary policy to stabilize? Her work brings new insights about the dynamics of inflation and output (the Phillips curve) and the optimality of current inflation targeting rules. She will serve as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Macroeconomics at Princeton University in 2020-2021. She will then join the Becker Friedman Institute as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Fall of 2021, and the Booth School of Business as an Assistant Professor in 2022.

Jon RothJonathan Roth’s primary research interests are in econometrics. His research aims to improve the credibility of quasi-experimental research. A particular focus of his work has been on developing tools to assess the robustness of results in difference-in-differences and related “event study” research designs. In addition to his research in econometrics, he has also worked on topics in labor economics and algorithmic fairness. He is currently doing a post-doc in the Office of the Chief Economist within Microsoft Research, and will be joining the Brown economics department as an assistant professor in 2021.