The Lab for Economic Applications and Policy (LEAP) facilitates research related to government policy, with the aim of injecting scientific evidence into policy debates

The Lab for Economic Applications and Policy (LEAP) at Harvard University invites applications for small grants for research projects on applied economics (broadly construed) and policy.  Economics and PEG Economics-Track Ph.D. students and Junior (tenure-track) faculty of the Economics Department are eligible to apply.  Visiting students and scholars are ineligible. 

Projects will be evaluated on the basis of their relevance for applied economics and policy and the quality of proposed research relative to the costs.  Funding preference is given for items that may be difficult to fund through granting agencies on a timely basis.  Examples of expenses covered by LEAP include costs incurred in setting up a field experiment, travel to a field experiment site, or the purchase of proprietary data.  LEAP does not cover salary or stipends or purchase of equipment such as computers. LEAP small grants are generally limited to $10,000, except in extraordinary circumstances.

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