Seminars: Labor Economics


Labor Economics Seminar Spring 2020
Location: Zoom link emailed to Listserv
Meeting Time: Monday and/or Wednesday, 4:30-5:45 unless noted *
Description: Invited speakers present theoretical and empirical research on a broad range of topics related to the design of government policy.
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Notes:  The Labor Economics and Public Economics Seminars meet Jointly many times through the semester. The meetings will take place virtually, by Zoom.
Coordinator: Liz Thach

*Joint with History

** Joint with Behavioral Economics.

Date Speaker Title
September 14
Angie Acquatella (Harvard University) "Optimal Reimbursement Contracts for Provider Administered Treatments"
September 16
Brian Wheaton (Harvard University) "Laws, Beliefs, and Backlash"
September 21
Ulf Zoelitz (University of Zurich) "Title pending"
Wednesday, September 23 Anna Stansbury (Harvard University) "Employer Concentration and Outside Options"
September 25
1:15 - 2:45 pm
Leah Boustan (Princeton University)* "Streets of Gold: Immigration and the American Dream Over Two Centuries" (joint with Ran Abramitzky)
September 28
Eric Andersen (Harvard University) "Bid Exclusion in Public Procurement"
September 30
Gregor Schubert (Harvard University) "House Price Contagion and U.S. City Migration Networks"
October 5
Augustin Bergeron (Harvard University) “The State Capacity Ceiling on Tax Rates: Evidence from Randomized Tax Abatements in the D.R. Congo”
October 7
Stephanie Cheng (Harvard University) "Careers Versus Children: How Childcare Affects the Tenure-Track Gender Gap"
October 12
Celena Huo (Harvard University) "The Return to Foreign and Domestic Master's Degrees in the Chinese Labor Market - A Resume Rating Study"
October 19
Natalia Emanuel (Harvard University) "The Payoffs of Higher Pay: Elasticities of Labor Supply and Productivity with Respect to Wages"
October 21
Kirsten Clinton (Harvard University) "Degrees of Discrimination: Evidence of Racial Screening in Job Postings"
October 26
Emma Harrington (Harvard University) "Who wants to work remotely? Selection and treatment effects of remote work"
October 28
No meeting  
Wednesday, November 4 Conrad Miller (UC Berkeley) "Racial Disparities in Motor Vehicle Searches Cannot Be Justified by Efficiency"
Wednesday, November 11 Amanda Pallais (Harvard University) "“Why Can't We Be Friends?: Theory and Evidence on Friendship Formation”(joint with Jenna Anders)
Wednesday, November18 Alan Manning (London School of Economics "Monopsony and the Wage Effects of Migration” (joint with Michael Amior)
Wednesday, December 2 Ellora Derenoncourt (University of California Berkley) "Title pending"
*Joint with History