Seminars: Economics of Science & Engineering

  Economics of Science & Engineering..................................................................................................
Term:  Fall 2019-2020
Location:  Baker 102 (Bloomberg Center, HBS)
Meeting Time: Fridays, 12pm-1:30pm
Description:  Focus on work force and career issues. Topics include: Effects of globalization on work force and innovation, growth of networks in work; impact of career incentives on productivity; university policies; mobility between academe and industry; link between ideas and outputs.
List Serve/Announcements:  Graduate Level Seminar 

FIRST SEMINAR:   Friday Sept 13
SPEAKER: Jorge Guzman (Columbia Business School) (paper joint with Catherine Fazio and Scott Stern)
TITLE: "The Impact of State-Level R&D Tax Credits on the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship"
ABSTRACT: The acceleration of start-up activity is often cited as a rationale for the R&D tax credit, a key innovation policy instrument adopted increasingly by US states over the past quarter century. While there is a strong empirical base linking the R&D tax credit to increased R&D expenditures and innovation, prior work has not provided causal evidence that this policy effects the rate of formation and growth potential of new businesses. This paper combines data from the US Startup Cartography Project with the Panel Database on Incentives and Taxes to implement a difference-in-differences estimate of the impact of the R&D tax credit on the quantity and quality-adjusted quantity of entrepreneurship. Our key finding is that the R&D tax credit is associated with a significant long-term impact on both the overall quantity and quality-adjusted quantity of entrepreneurship, with the bulk of the effect materializing more than five years after the policy is enacted. These findings stand in contrast to an analysis of the adoption of state-level investment tax credits. There, we observe no long-term impact on the quantity of entrepreneurship but a marked decline in the rate of formation of growth-oriented startups over time. Combined with other evidence regarding the efficacy of R&D tax credits in spurring innovative investment, our results shed light on the potential for this fiscal policy to also stimulate the formation of growth-oriented start-ups. 

Sept 6, 2019 NO SEMINAR  
Sept 13, 2019 Speaker: Jorge Guzman (Columbia Business School) (paper joint with Catherine Fazio and Scott Stern)

Title: "The Impact of State-Level R&D Tax Credits on the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship"

Sept 20, 2019 

Speaker: Morgan Frank (Postdoc Assoc affiliated with the Human Dynamics research group at the Media Laboratory, the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS), and the Intitiative for the Digital Economy (IDE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also a Research Collaborator at the Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH).




    Title: The Complexity of Workplace Skills and the Future of Work

    Publications Covered: 

    Sept 27, 2019 Speaker: Kevin Boudreau (D'Amore-McKim Sch of Business, Northeastern U) and Matt Marx (Boston University Title: "From Theory to Practice: Field Experimental Evidence on Early Exposure of Engineering Majors to Professional Work"
    Oct 4, 2019 Speaker: Annabelle Fowler (Harvard University) Title: "Strategic Delay in the Introduction of Pharmaceutical Line Extensions"
    Oct 11, 2019  Speaker: tba Title:
    Oct 18, 2019 Speaker: tba Title:
    Oct 25, 2019 SPECIAL SEMINAR:  Title: Harvard’s Future of Work & Technology Executive Roundtable
    Nov 1, 2019 Speaker: Title:
    Nov 8, 2019 Speaker: Title:
    Nov 15, 2019 Speaker: Ashley Nunes (Senior Research Associate, Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School)  Title: Can Driverless Technology Upend Personal Vehicle Ownership? A Bottom-Up Global Analysis"
    Nov 22, 2019 Speaker: Naomi Hausman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Edward Glaeser (Harvard University) Title: "The Spatial Mismatch Between Innovation and Joblessness
    Nov 29, 2019 Thanksgiving  
    Dec 6, 2019 Speaker: Title:
    Dec 13, 2019 Speaker: Title:



    Location of Baker 102 (Bloomberg Center), HBS

    Speaker Papers and Presentations (since 2012)

    2019, 11/22: HAUSMAN-Naomi: The Spatial Mismatch between Innovation and Joblessness_NBERchap-in-Lerner-Stern_Ec3118

    2019, 11/15: NUNES-Ashley: ​Can driverless technology upend personal vehicle ownership? A bottom-up global analysis_Ec3118

    2019, 9/20:  FRANK-Morgan: Paper 1 - Small cities face greater impact from automationJournal of the Royal Society Interface (2018).
    2019, 9/20: FRANK-Morgan: Paper 2 - Unpacking the polarization of workplace skillsScience Advances (2018).
    2019, 9/20: FRANK-Morgan: Paper 3 - Towards understanding the impact of AI on laborPNAS (2019).

    2019, 9/13: GUZMAN-Jorge: The Impact of State-Level R&D Tax Credits on the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship_NBERwp26099_ec3118

    2019, 4/22: ROSSI-Francesca: AI-Ethics-for-Enterprise-AI_ec3118-HBS.pdf

    2019, 3/8: Van REENAN-John: Who Becomes an Inventor in America_NBERwp24062.pdf

    2019, 2/25: FURMAN-Jason: AI-and-Economy_NBERwp24689.pdf

    2019, 2/22: LI-Li-and-MAK-Eric: Peer Optimal Assignment_with-Wang_4Jan19.pdf

    2019, 2/1: FREEMAN-Richard and XIE-Qingnan: Bigger than You Thought_Chinas Contribution_JOURNAL_China and World Economy_Jan2019.pdf

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    2016, 10/21: LESCHLY SEMINAR: SWARTZ_Speech_10-21-16.htm

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    2016, 10/7: Doblinger: Governments as partners (w-Surana+Anadon).pdf

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    2016, 9/16: WANG: Bias Against Novelty in Science_(with Veugelers-Stephan)_w22180.pdf

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    2016, 3:11: GANGULI-Ina: Mobility of Elite Life Scientists.pdf

    2016, 2/5: WILLIAMS-Heidi: How Do Patents Affect Follow-on Innovation_Evidence from Human Genome_WP21666_Oct2015.pdf

    2015, 12/4: Richard Freeman and Sen Chai

    2015, 11/6: Jing Xia: Financing and the Market for Ideas - Evidence from Biopharma.pdf

    2015, 10/30: Annamaria Conti: PhD Career-Preferences.pdf

    2015, 10/30: CONTI-Annamaria: 10-30-15_Visentin_PhD_Career_Preferences.pdf

    2015, 10/23: Weihua An: 2-Abstracts_Extracting Social Networks_and_Subject Citation Networks.pdf

    2015, 9/22: Chunli Bai: Math Seminar

    2015, 9/18: Melanie Sinche: ABSTRACT_Identifying Career Pathways for PhDs in Science.pdf

    2015, 4/24: Adam Isen

    2015, 3/6: Riccardo Crescenzi

    2015, 3/27: David Ong

    2015, 2/20: Matt Neidell: 2-Paper_Particulate Pollution and Productivity of Pear Packers

    2015, 2/20: Matt Neidell: 1-Paper_Impact of Pollution on Worker Productivity

    2014, 4/4: Dan Wang

    2014, 4/25: Dan Wang

    2014, 3/28: Ralf Martin

    2014, 2/28: Paula Stephan: 3_Paper 3_Mobile Scientists-Intl Networks

    2014, 2/28: Paula Stephan: 2_Paper 2_Migrant Scientists

    2014, 2/28: Paula Stephan: 1b_Paper 1 supplement

    2014, 2/28: Paula Stephan: 1a_Paper 1_text_Foreign Born Scientists

    2014, 2/14: John Van Reenan

    2014, 12/5: William Kerr

    2014, 11/21: Gabriel Chan

    CHAN-Gabriel_11-21-14_JMP - National Lab Patent Licensing.pdf

    2014, 10/3: Susan Feng Lu

    2014, 10/10: Sen CHAI

    2014, 10/10: CHAI-Sen: Moving Beyond Bibliometrics_10-11-13.pdf

    2013, 9/13: Nirupama Rao

    2013, 3/8: Blume-Kohout

    2013, 4/19: Nirupama Rao

    2013, 3/15: Lubynsky: Abstract and Summary

    2013, 3/15: Lubynsky: Powerpoint

    2013, 11/8: Gabe Chan and Laura Diaz Anadon

    2013, 10/18: George Borjas and Kirk Doran

    2013, 10/11: Sen Chai

    2012, 10/26: Freeman - Paper 2

    2012, 10/26: Freeman - Paper 1