Seminar Title

Time / Location


Seminar in Behavioral & Experimental Economics W 12:00-1:15pm; Littauer 301 Maggie Brissenden
Seminar in China Economy Spring only Jennifer Amadeo-Holl
Seminar in Econometrics Th 4:00-5:00pm; Littauer M15 Eric Unverzagt
Seminar in Economic Development W 2:45-4:00pm; E51 Room 395, MIT Kathryn Vandever
Seminar in Economic History F 1:15-2:45pm; Littauer M16 Liz Thach
Seminar in Economic Theory Th 4:00-5:20pm; Littauer M16 Lauren LaRosa
Seminar in Economics of Science & Engineering F 12:00-1:30pm; Baker 102 (Bloomberg Center, HBS) Jennifer Amadeo-Holl
Seminar in Environmental Economics &  Policy W 4:15-5:30pm; HKS Jason Chapman
Seminar in Financial Economics W 4:30-6:29pm; HBS or MIT Sarah Descheneaux/Cynthia Gomez
Seminar in Health Economics W 4:00-5:30pm - SPRING ONLY Clare Dingwell
Seminar in Industrial Organization M 3:00-4:15pm; Littauer M16 Ann Richards
Seminar in International Econ M 4:30-5:45pm; Littauer M15 Cynthia Gomez
Seminar in Labor Economics W 4:30-5:45pm; Littauer M16 Liz Thach
Seminar in Law, Economics, & Organization M 12:30-1:59pm; HLS Ann Richards
Seminar in Macroeconomic Policy T 1:30-2:45pm; Littauer M15 - FALL ONLY Aden Gideon
Seminar in Macroeconomics M 3:00-4:15pm; Littauer M15 Aden Gideon
Seminar in Political Economy Th 4:30-5:45pm; Littauer 301 Aden Gideon
Seminar in Public Economics M 4:30-5:45pm; Littauer M16 Michael O'Neil
Seminar in Religion & Political Economy W 12:00-1:15pm; Littauer M15 -
Emily Sall
For all other info not listed regarding "teas" and informal reading groups, please reach out to faculty in the specific field of interest.