Richard Caves

Professor of Economics

Richard Caves primary fields of interest are competition policy and regulation, international competition and multi-national enterprise, economics and the arts.
Recent research topics include turnover of business units in national and international markets, competition within industries to install "sunk" investments, economic organization of "creative" activities.... Read more about Richard Caves

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Gary Chamberlain

Gary Chamberlain

Louis Berkman Research Professor of Economics

Gary Chamberlain's research topics have included panel data, returns to schooling, factor structure in large asset markets, semiparametric efficiency, the structure of wages, and applications of decision theory in econometrics. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and was a Member of its Council from 1988 to 1993, and he gave the Fisher-Schultz Lecture in 2001. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a Member of the National Academy of Sciences.... Read more about Gary Chamberlain

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János Kornai

János Kornai

Professor of Economics

János Kornai is Allie S. Freed Professor of Economics Emeritus at Harvard and Professor Emeritus at Corvinus University of Budapest. He served at Harvard between 1986 and 2002. His research has focused on the critical analysis of the socialist system and post-socialist transition. After the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe, his attention has partly turned to economic policy, especially to macroeconomic problems and the reform of the welfare state. Recently his interest has been in the comparative analysis of capitalism, as reflected in his latest book, Dynamism, Rivalry and the Surplus Economy (2013).
... Read more about János Kornai

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Dwight Perkins

Dwight Perkins

Professor of Political Economy

Dwight H. Perkins' previous positions at Harvard include Associate Director of the East Asian (now Fairbank) Research Center, 1973-1977; chairman of the Department of Economics, 1977-1980; Director of the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), the University’s former multi-disciplinary institute for research, teaching, and technical assistance on development policy,1980-1995; and Director of the Harvard University Asia Center, 2002-2005. He has authored or edited twelve books and over one hundred articles on economic history and economic development, with special references to the economies of east and southeast Asia.... Read more about Dwight Perkins

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Henry Rosovsky

Geyser University Professor, Emeritus

Henry Rosovsky is the author of many articles and books, including Capital Formation in Japan (1961), Quantitative Japanese Economic History (1961), Japanese Economic Growth (with K. Ohkawa, 1973) and The University: An Owner's Manual (1990). He also edited Industrialization in Two Systems (1961) Discord in the Pacific (1972), Asia's New Giant: How the Japanese Economy Works (with H. Patrick, 1976), Favorites of Fortune (with P. Higonnet and D. Landes, 1991) and The Political Economy of Japan: Cultural and Social Dynamics (with Shumpei Kumon, 1992).... Read more about Henry Rosovsky

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Alvin Roth

Alvin Roth

George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration, Emeritus

Alvin Roth is also the Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics at Stanford University. He works in the areas of game theory, experimental economics and market design. He shared the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.... Read more about Alvin Roth

Dept of Economics
Stanford University
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Martin Weitzman

Martin Weitzman

Research Professor of Economics

Martin L. Weitzman was a Research Professor of Economics at Harvard University until his untimely passing on August 27, 2019. Previously he was on the faculties of MIT and Yale. He has been elected as a fellow of the Econometric Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has published widely in many leading economic journals and written three books. Weitzman's interests in economics are broad and he has served as consultant for several well-known organizations. His current research is focused on environmental economics, including climate change, the economics of catastrophes, cost-benefit analysis, long-run discounting, green accounting, biodiversity, and comparison of alternative instruments for controlling pollution.... Read more about Martin Weitzman

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Jeffrey Williamson

Jeffrey Williamson

Professor of Economics

Jeffrey Gale Williamson served as Chairman of the Economics Department 1997-2000 and as the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies 2001-2002 and...

Read more about Jeffrey Williamson
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