Department Administration

Marina Bisogno

Administrative Coordinator

Marina provides general administrative support to the department, and assists with front office coordination and services.  In addition, Marina...

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Littauer 200
p: 617-496-1660
Office Hours: Monday 9-5, Tuesday 9-12:30, Wednesday-Thursday 1:30-5:00 and out of office on Fridays

Maggie Lopes

Associate Director of Administration

Maggie is the department's primary liaison for staff on policies and procedures for all human resource matters, general administration activities and...

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Littauer Center 200B
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-3180
Claire Paddock

Claire Paddock

Administrative Coordinator and Faculty Assistant

Claire provides general administrative support to the department, particularly as it relates to facilities management and access,  and front office...

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Littauer Center 200
Monday through Thursday 7:30am –3:30pm
Out of office: Fridays
p: 617-495-2144
Office Hours: Out of office on Mondays, Tuesdays-Fridays 7:30-3:30