Classroom Information and Description

Littauer Center Classroom Descriptions

Littauer (North Yard) Room Capacities:
  • Littauer M-15: 25-40 people
  • Littauer M-16: 30-45 people
  • Littauer M-17: 15-20 people

Littauer is open 8am - 8pm. The M-level rooms are locked at 10pm during the week. If you wish to book a room in Littauer on the weekend, or when the building is not normally open, please do so, but your request will need to be approved by the department administrator. Please keep this information in mind when requesting a room.

The priority for room use is as follows: classes have the highest priority, followed by departmental events, and sections. Priority is always given to classes and events that involve the Economics department. Please be aware that sections will not be scheduled until after Study Card Day each semester.

Classes and sections are booked through the last scheduled day of classes each term. All room reservations are canceled during reading period and exams.