Raj Chetty To Deliver the Richard T. Ely Lecture at the American Economic Association

December 15, 2014

Professor Raj Chetty has been named the Richard T. Ely Lecturer at The American Economics Association Annual meeting to be held in Boston on Saturday, January 3, 2015.

Professor Chetty will deliver the Richard T. Ely Lecture on "Behavioral Economics and Public Policy" at 4:45PM in the Sheraton Boston Grand Ballroom.

Richard T. Ely was an American economist who advocated for more government intervention to reform the perceived social injustices of capitalism. Past Ely Distinguished Lecturers at the AEA include Harvard Professors Ed Glaeser, Claudia Goldin, Lawrence Summers, and Martin Feldstein.

Raj Chetty is the Bloomberg Professor of Economics at Harvard University.  His research combines empirical evidence and economic theory to help design more effective government policies.