Matteo Maggiori Awarded on Two Fronts

June 29, 2018
Matteo Magiorri
Prof. Matteo Maggiori has recently received two wonderful awards! He and his co-authors Brent Neiman, of University of Chicago Booth School of Business; and Jesse Schreger, of Columbia University Graduate School of Business, have been named recipients of the 2018 AQR Insight Award. Their paper, “International Currencies and Capital Allocation,” can be downloaded here. Prof. Maggiori is the first person to have won the award twice, having previously been named a recipient in 2013.

Prof. Maggiori has also received an Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs from The Kiel Institute for the World Economy in recognition of his contributions in the field of international finance. The award consists of a Research Fellowship at the Institute aimed at building an international community of young economic researchers.
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