Harvard Economics Undergrads Win The Metrics Game at University of Chicago!

April 8, 2018
Three Harvard Econ undergraduate thesis writers entered The Metrics Game and won!


Harvard WINS Econometrics Game!

Congratulations to Economics Seniors Arman Hassan, Nick Heath, and Irhad Sehovic for winning the 4th Annual Econometrics Game at the University of Chicago on the weekend of April 7-8, 2018!  Harvard's team (The Boston Bruichs, a tribute to econometrics instructor Gregory Bruich) produced the winning short paper and econometric analysis. Arman, Irhad, and Nick used the 2008-09 boom in fracking to build a causal model of the effect of income on obesity. Their results suggest that fracking-induced income shocks led to increased BMI and obesity among adults. The judges included Nobel laureates Professors James Heckman and Lars Peter Hansen.


Above: The Boston Bruichs from Harvard: Arman Hassan, Irhad Sehovic, Nick Heath