Harvard Econometrics Team Wins "The Econometric Game" at University of Amsterdam

April 10, 2017
Econometric Games 2017

... for the second year in a row!...

Every year, the University of Amsterdam hosts the Econometric Game.

The 30 participating universities send delegations of four students majoring in econometrics (or relevant studies) with a maximum of two PhD students.

The Harvard Economics team was comprised of Kirsten Clinton, Sanjay Misra, Gregor Schubert, and Chenzi Xu.

Each of the 30 teams is given a (surprise) case study, which they have to resolve in two days.

This year the case was to assess the spatial spillovers of adopting crime prevention technologies in the Netherlands.

After two days of work, the ten teams with the best solutions continued to day three. On the third day the finalists conducted additional analyses that imputed the overall efficacy of the crime prevention policies.  The solutions were reviewed by a jury of professors who picked the winning team.

Congratulations Kirsten, Sanjay, Gregor, and Chenzi on a second consecutive win for Harvard!

Last year's winning team in 2016 included Daniel Lewis, Kirsten Clinton, Stephanie Cheng, and Sanjay Misra.