Congratulations to Professor Ariel Pakes on Winning the Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize!

February 15, 2017
Ariel Pakes

The annual prize is awarded by IDEI at the University of Toulouse.

The highly prestigious Jean-Jacques Laffont annual prize was created by the IDEI (Institute D’Economie Industrielle - Institute for Industrial Organization), in partnership with the city of Toulouse. The IDEI was founded by Jean-Jacques Laffont in 1990. Jean Tirole is the Scientific Director of the Institute.

Ariel Pakes is the Thomas Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Harvard University, where he teaches courses in Industrial Organization and in Econometrics.  Before coming to Harvard in 1999, he was the Charles and Dorothea Dilley Professor of Economics at Yale University (1997-99). He has held other tenured positions at Yale (1988-97), the University of Wisconsin (1986-88), and the University of Jerusalem (1985-86).  Pakes received his doctorate degree from Harvard University in 1980, and he stayed at Harvard as a Lecturer until he took up a position in Jerusalem in 1981.  Pakes received the award for the best graduate student advisor at Yale in 1996 and his past students are now faculty at several leading economic departments.