Congratulations to Professor Amartya Sen on His Award of the the 2017 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science!

April 26, 2017
Amartya Sen

The Johan Skytte Prize, awarded by Uppsala University in Sweden, is often considered an equivalent in Political Science of the Nobel Prizes.

Professor Sen will attend the traditional Prize Award Ceremony in Uppsala on September 30, 2017.

From the Uppsala University press release on the award:

Professor Sen receives the prize for his many-sided scholarship “combining insights on the vulnerabilities of humankind with knowledge on the unique capacities of democratic political power to mitigate and diminish this exposure”....

In 1622, Johan Skytte, then Vice-Chancellor of the University, established the Johan Skytte chair in Eloquence and Government, which is probably the world’s oldest active professorship in political science. The lands included in the original donation continue to finance research and the Johan Skytte Prize. The prize sum of SEK 500,000 is awarded each year by The Skytte Foundation at Uppsala University to the person who has made the “most valuable contribution to political science”.

Amartya Sen is Thomas W. Lamont University Professor, and Professor of Economics and Philosophy, at Harvard University and was until 2004 the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.  He is also Senior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows.  Earlier on he was Professor of Economics at Jadavpur University Calcutta, the Delhi School of Economics, and the London School of Economics, and Drummond Professor of Political Economy at Oxford University. He is the winner in 1998 of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.