Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors and Prize Winners in Economics

June 7, 2022

Each year the Economics Department awards four prizes to graduating economics thesis writers. The Seymour E. and Ruth B. Harris Prize and the Allyn A. Young Prize are awarded to students who have produced outstanding theses. The John H. Williams Prize is awarded to the honors senior graduating with the best overall record in economics. The Morris Kronfeld Prize is awarded to a graduating senior who has shown the greatest academic improvement during their undergraduate year.



Brendan Chapuis was awarded the Harris Prize for his thesis, “The Economics of Despair: Quantifying the Impact of Economic Changes on Suicide and Overdose Mortality” advised by Professor Gordon Hanson.



Alejandro Jimenez


Alejandro Jimenez was awarded the Young Prize for his thesis, “Political Economy of Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Burden-Sharing, Haircuts, and the Creditor’s Outside Option” advised by Professor Jeffry Frieden.



Will Connaughton


Will Connaughton was awarded the Williams Prize for his outstanding academic performance in the department and his thesis, “Who Does Not Get Vaccinated?” advised by Professor Andrei Shleifer.



Emma Kaneti


Emma Kaneti was awarded the Kronfeld Prize for demonstrating great academic improvement during her college years and for excellence in her thesis, "The Green Double Dividend: Can Eco-Innovation Predict Future Financial Performance?" advised by Professor Hunt Alcott.



We send our heartfelt congratulations to our award winners, and we wish all our graduating seniors a very happy graduation and best of luck in the years ahead.