Academic Prizes Awarded to Seniors and Undergraduate Econ Concentrators, 2019

May 29, 2019
The following is a list of academic prizes awarded to Economics department concentrators, both graduating seniors, and undergraduates.
Awards for Senior Theses:

Morris Kronfeld Prize
Jessica Li
Title: “The Role of Stabilization Policy in the Reemergence of State Dominance and Evolution of Foreign Direct Investment Bargaining Power: Theory and Evidence from China and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis”
John H. Williams Prize
Justin Lee
Title: “The Colonial Origins of the African Ethnolinguistic Landscape”
Allyn Young Prize
Ben Porter
Title: Evidence of Quid-Pro-Quo Defense Spending from Federal Procurement Contracts
Harris Prize
Nina Vendhan
Title: The Road Back to Nalanda: The Impact of India’s Right to Education Act on Government Schools and a Market Design Proposal for Its Quota Admissions

Dunlop Prize
Jacqueline Chen
Title: “Pharmers Market: How Biosimilars are Shaking up the Pharmaceutical Landscape”

Awards for Undergraduate Research:

Hoopes Prize
Ashri Anurudran
Ryan Davis
Ben Delsman
Matthew Goodkin-Gold
Ben Porter
Ashim Vaish
Anton Ulyanov

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