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For Seniors

  • Full Time Data Analyst: The Health Policy Research Center at the Mongan Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking a full-time Data Analyst to support the research activities of two investigators within the Program for Clinical Economics and Policy Analysis (CEPA), beginning in summer 2020. Specifically, the Data Analyst will work with a team of investigators on externally funded research studies that focus on examining the clinical and economic effects of health care policy, including Medicare financing, insurance coverage expansion, and mental health services research (posted 2/18/2020)
  • Full Time Research Assistantship- Health Policy Massachusetts General Hospital, Health Policy Research Center, for two full years beginning Summer 2020. Reporting to John Hsu, MD, MBA, MSCE, and Vicki Fung, PhD, the Research Assistant will play a key role in conducting research that examines the clinical and economic effects of health care policy changes in the United States, including insurance coverage expansion, payment reform, and delivery system change (posted 2/18/2020)
  • Book Research Assistant: Paid hourly. Assist in research on economic forces (social inequality), modern childhood and achievement pressure, to aid Harvard Alum Jennie Wallace in her new book for Penguin Random House (posted 2/13/2020)

  • Full Time Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant, Professor Amanda E. Kowalski, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2 years beginning Summer 2020.  Involved in several stages of the research process, including research design, data analysis, and writing and editing of manuscripts. Besides working directly on research, research assistants also have opportunities to attend weekly seminars in economics and to get regular feedback on their proposed research ideas, rolling admission. (posted 1/13/2020)

  •  Full Time Research Assistant: Professor Günter J. Hitsch is hiring a full-time research assistant to start around July 1, 2020. This full-time RA will be working on projects at the boundary between Business Analytics/Quantitative Marketing and Industrial Organization (posted 12/17/19)

  • Full Time Research Assistant: Professor Anastasia Zakolyukina,  August 1, 2020. Projects in opportunistic accounting discretion and its interaction with firms’ investment choices, linguistic-analysis of corporate disclosures, and individual traits of corporate executives (posted 12/03/19)

  • Full Time Research Assistants: The Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center seeks research assistants (RA) to help analyze federal, state, and local tax and budget policies (posted 11/18/19)

  • Full Time Research Assistant: Professors Anya Kleymenova and Rimmy Tomy are hiring a full-tine research assistant to start around July 1, 2020. This full-time RA will be working on projects in bank accounting, financial institutions and reporting, and disclosure regulation (posted 11/18/19)

  • Full Time Research Assistants with the Economics Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program at Yale University: Supporting policy-relevant economics research by providing a high-quality education and training experience for individuals with bachelor’s or master’s degrees who are considering pursuing a Ph.D. in economics or a closely related discipline (posted 11/18/19)

  • Two Full Time Research Fellow Positions: June 2020, Yale Law School. Ian Ayres, the William K. Townsend Professor at Yale Law School, and Zachary Liscow, Associate Professor at Yale Law School, are seeking two empirical research assistants to assist with research projects (posted 11/18/19)
  • Full Time Research Assistant:: Professors Alex Imas and Avner Strulov-Shlain. This full-time RA will be working on projects in behavioral economics, marketing, and behavioral finance (posted 11/08/19)
  • US PIRG Fellowship: One year program designed to prepare future leaders with US PIRG (posted 11/08/19)
  • Full Time Research Analyst: Education Analytics (posted 11/08/19)
  • Research Assistants: Opportunity Insights with Raj Chetty, John Friedman, and Nathaniel Hendren. Two year position beginning July 1, 2020 (posted 10/11/19)
  • Harvard Teaching Fellow (posted 10/01/19)
  • Full Time Research Assistant: Professor Dan Benjamin (USC) hiring summer 2020 research assistant interested in behavioral economics research (posted 10/11/19)
  • Research Specialist Full Time: Woodrow Wilson School and Department of Economics (posted 10/11/19)
  • Pre Doctoral Fellowship Program: Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (posted 09/23/19)
  • Research Assistant Positions, Spring/ Summer 2020: Board of Governors and the 12 Federal Reserve Banks (posted 09/23/19)
  • Full Time Research Fellows: Stanford Law Professors seeking Spring/Summer 2020 Research Fellows (posted 09/23/19)
  • Research Analysts: Center for Radical Innovation for Social Change, University of Chicago (posted 09/23/19)
  • Research Analysts: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (posted 09/23/19)
  • Full Time Research Assistant- MIT Professor Amy Finkelstein (posted 09/11/19)
  • Analysts, Charles River Associates, The Antitrust and Competition Practice (posted 09/11/19)
  • Analyst and Summer Analysts, Cornerstone Research (posted 09/11/19)
  • Research Associates, Summer Interns wanted at Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (posted 09/12/19).

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