Jobs, RAships, Funding

Jobs, RAs, Internships

  • Part Time Research Assistant: Profs. David Parkes, Elie Tamer. RA will assist in implementing an online platform to display randomized emails and to record yes/no questions responses as well as to develop pipeline to filter emails based on regular expressions. If interested, please send resume to (posted 7/27/2020)
  • Qualitative Research Analyst Internship:  Stevens Capital Management LP, Opportunities, including full-time summer internships and part-time work throughout the school year, are available for qualified students at each of the undergraduate, masters and PhD levels (posted 4/03/2020)
  • Internship and full post-grad opportunities, Avascent (posted 09/11/19)
  • Research Assistant, Economics Studies Program at Brookings Institution (posted 09/11/19)


For Seniors

  • Full Time Research Assistantship- Health Policy, Mass General Hospital. The Health Policy Research Center at the Mongan Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking a full-time paid Research Assistant to support the research activities of investigators within the Program for Clinical Economics and Policy Analysis (CEPA) for two full years, beginning in fall 2020 (posted 7/21/2020)
  • EPoD Research Fellow: This specific fellowship be will under the direction of Professor Rema Hanna and focus on projects in Indonesia, with opportunities to interface with other researchers and support additional projects. Seeking a full-time research fellow for 9 to 12 months (posted 7/20/2020)
  • Research Associate: Economist Incorporated seeking a full time, entry level Research Associate to begin immediately. Applicants considering this position are welcome to send cover letter, resume and transcripts to (posted 6/29/2020)
  • Full Time Research Assistants with the Economics Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program at Yale University: Supporting policy-relevant economics research by providing a high-quality education and training experience for individuals with bachelor’s or master’s degrees who are considering pursuing a Ph.D. in economics or a closely related discipline (posted 11/18/19)

  • US PIRG Fellowship: One year program designed to prepare future leaders with US PIRG (posted 11/08/19)


Funding Opportunities

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