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Economics, Business Economics, Political Economy and Government Students

Name Fields of Study Job Market Paper
Angie Acquatella Public Finance, Health Economics, Contract Theory “Optimal Reimbursement Contracts for Provider Administered Treatments”
Eric Andersen Public Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics “Bid Exclusion in Procurement Auctions”
Augustin Bergeron Development Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy, Economic History

“The State Capacity Ceiling on Tax Rates: Evidence from Randomized Tax Abatements in the D.R. Congo"

Vu Chau International Finance, Macroeconomics, Finance, Behavioral “International Portfolio Investments with Trade Networks”
Stephanie Cheng Labor Economics, Economics of Science, Innovation “Careers Versus Children: How Childcare Affects the Academic Tenure-Track Gender Gap”
Krishna Dasaratha Microeconomic Theory, Psychology and Economics “Innovation and Strategic Network Formation”
Natalia Emanuel Labor Economics, Public Finance “The Payoffs of Higher Pay: Elasticities of Productivity and Labor Supply with Respect to Wages”
Emma Harrington Labor Economics, Public Economics, Behavioral Economics Who Works Remotely? Selection and Treatment Effects of Remote Work”
Yuezhou Huo Labor Economics, Economics of Education “The Return to Foreign and Domestic Master's Degrees in the Chinese Labor Market
Peter Maxted Finance, Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics “A Macro-Finance Model with Sentiment”
Giselle Montamat International Finance, Macroeconomics “Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets”
Sarah Ridout Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics “A Model of Justification”
Gianluca Rinaldi Financial Economics, Asset Pricing “Learning from Liquidation Prices”
Nicola Rosaia Industrial Organization, Economic Theory “Competing Platforms and Transport Policy: Evidence from NYC”
Andreas Schaab Macroeconomics, Finance

“Micro and Macro Uncertainty”

Gregor Schubert Urban Economics, Corporate Finance, Labor Economics, Real Estate, Industrial Organization “House Price Contagion and U.S. City Migration Networks”
Karen Shen Public Economics, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics Who Benefits from Public Financing of Home Care for Low-Income Seniors?
Anna Stansbury Labor Economics, Macroeconomics “Employer Concentration and Outside Options”
Zhengyun Sun Development Economics, Digital Economy, Applied Microeconomics

“Lifting Growth Barriers to Benefit All: Evidence from an Entrepreneur Training Experiment with Two Million Online Businesses”

Brian Wheaton Political Economy, Cultural Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics “Laws, Beliefs, and Backlash”
Yang You Financial Economics, Development Economics “Distrust and Cryptocurrencies”
Allen Zhang Industrial Organization, Finance “Estimation of High-Dimensional Dynamic Games: Fintech Lenders and Bank Branch Closures”


Affiliated Students (Public Policy, Health Policy)

Name Fields of Study Job Market Paper
Holly Dykstra

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

“Patience Across the Payday Cycle”

Marie-Pascale Grimon

Labor Economics

“Effects of the Child Protection System on Parents”

Blake Heller

Labor Economics, Education Policy

"Immigrant integration in the United States: The Role of Adult English Language Training"

Shefali Khanna

Energy and Environmental Economics, Development Economics

"Short- and Long-Run Consumption and Non-Payment Responses to Retail Electricity Prices in India"
Kunal Mangal

Development Economics, Labor Economics

“Chasing Government Jobs: How Aggregate Labor Supply Responds to Public Sector Hiring Policy in India”
Samuel Moy

Health Economics, Industrial Organization

“Geographic ‘Community Rating’ in Subsidized Health Insurance Markets”
Daniel Prinz Health Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics "Employer Responsibility in Disability Insurance: Evidence from the Netherlands”
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