Graduate Student Workshop in Economic History

Graduate Student Workshop in Economic History
Term:  Summer
Location: Online
Meeting Time: Fridays, 12:00-1:15 PM unless otherwise noted
Description: For students with an interest in economic history. Faculty presentations by Harvard economists and invited guests.
List Serve/Announcements:
Date Speaker Title
5/29 Max Winkler (University of Zurich) "Political Threat and Propaganda: Evidence from the U.S. South" (with Sebastian Ottinger)
6/5 Jacob Moscona (MIT) "Environmental Catastrophe and the Direction of Invention: Evidence from the American Dust Bowl"
6/12 Max McDevitt (Boston University) "A Seat in the Boardroom and a Seat in Parliament: Special Legislation, Capital Investment, and Railway Directors in Parliament, 1876-1901"
6/19 No workshop  
6/26 Dev Patel (Harvard University) "Assortative Mating and the Gender Pay Gap"
7/3 Michael Holcombe  and Ross Mattheis (Harvard University) ""Start Spreading the News: Information Networks in Early Modern Europe" and "Long-run Effects of School Closures in a Pandemic""
7/10 Sophia Liu (Boston University) "Re-evaluating the Effects of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic on Human Capital Development: The Role of the Great Depression"
7/17 No workshop  
7/24 No workshop  
7/31 Matteis Weigand (Harvard University) "The Territorial Origins of National Identity"
8/7 Casey Petroff (Harvard University) "The Politics of Science: Evidence from the History of Public Health"
8/14 Ettienne le Rossignol (Sorbonne) "Liberia: Legacies of the Americo-Liberian State"