Okay, but if I really do have to keep some CI on my desktop computer to get my work done?

CI may be kept on desktop computer if it is properly configured. It must have a timeout password controlling access to the desktop, the operating system must be updated regularly, have updated anti-virus software, have its firewall active and kept in a secured room, etc. In other words, all common-sense steps must be taken so that the computer may be used to work with CI to securely complete a specific business related task. If you still need the data once the task is completed, the data must be moved to a secure FAS file server, such as \\fas-depts (commonly known in the Economics Department as the H: drive), and the files deleted from the desktop machine using an approved secure-erase program, such as Secure Erase or Darik’s Boot-And-Nuke. For info about secure-erase software and access to a secure FAS file server, please call 5-9000.