May I keep CI on an encrypted Harvard laptop?

Given a specific business reason for doing so, CI may be kept on an encrypted laptop if it is properly configured. It must have a timeout password controlling access to the desktop; the operating system must be updated regularly; it must have updated anti-virus software; have its firewall active; kept in a secured location, etc. In other words, all common-sense steps must be taken so that the laptop may be used to work with CI to securely complete a specific business related task. Once the task is completed, the data should be removed to a secure FAS file server, such as \\fas-depts, ( commonly known in the Economics Department as the H: drive), and the files deleted from the desktop machine using an approved secure erase program, such as Secure Erase or Darik’s Boot-And-Nuke. For info about secure-erase software and access to a secure FAS file server, please call 5-9000.