Littauer Center Classroom Descriptions

Information About Booking Littauer Center Classrooms

Littauer (North Yard) Room Capacities:

  • Littauer M-: 6-8 people
  • Littauer M-15: 25-40 people
  • Littauer M-16: 30-45 people
  • Littauer M-17: 15-20 people
  • Littauer 219: 12-20 people.

Any sections or classes scheduled in 219 may be bumped on an individual basis in order to accommodate departmental events such as dissertation defenses or oral exams. Notice will be given and we will attempt to find an alternative space to Read more about Littauer Center Classroom Descriptions

How does Harvard define Confidential Information (CI)?

Information is confidential if its disclosure could cause civil or criminal liability to or damage the financial standing, employability, reputation, or other interests of the exposed person. Student grades, reference letters and applications would be common examples of CI.