Richard Hornbeck

Richard Hornbeck

Dunwalke Associate Professor of American History

Richard Hornbeck is the Dunwalke Associate Professor of American History in the Economics Department at Harvard University. His research and teaching focuses on economic history, environmental economics, and development economics. Research topics include adaptation to the environment; impacts of property rights and labor scarcity on economic development; local economic spillover impacts from agriculture and manufacturing; rigidities in urban development; and impacts of market integration on development.  Rick received his PhD in economics from MIT in 2009, and a BA in economics from the University of Chicago in 2004.





Richard Hornbeck's research and teaching focuses on economic history and development. Current research topics include short-run and long-run adjustment to environmental change; property rights and agricultural development; agglomeration spillovers in manufacturing; barriers to urban development; labor scarcity and economic development; and market integration and economic development.



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