EC 2460 Health Economics Workshop


Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 4:00pm to 5:30pm


Kresge Building, Room 439, HSPH

David Silver (NBER/Princeton) "Haste or Waste? Peer Pressure and the Distribution of Marginal Returns to Health Care"

IMPORTANT:  IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND THE SEMINAR AT HSPH YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR A VISTOR’S PASS.  You will need to send Emily Crawford (cc’d above)  an email with your name each week so that she can have your visitor pass made up and ready at the guard's desk at the 677 Huntington Ave entrance to HSPH.  Please send your name to Emily before 11 am on the Wednesday of the seminar.  Her email is:  Harvard people who already have their passes need not do this.   

Course Website: and  PASSWORD: HealthEconomics
Seminar Organizer: Miriam Hatoum
Local Contact: Clare Dingwell