Conference: Statistics in a social context


Fri - Sat, May 10 to May 11, 9:00am - 12:15pm


Littauer, Hansen-Mason Room, 3rd Floor

This conference brings together researchers from various fields, including econometrics and statistics, economic theory, empirical practice, and the history, sociology, and philosophy of science, in order to promote a discussion of statistical methods in their social context. The conference consists of 11 presentations over a period of two days.

Friday, May 10

9:00am Maximilian Kasy (econometrics)

Opening remarks

9:30am Katherine Casey (development economics)
Comments on pre-specification and analysis plans

10:15am Simine Vazire (psychology)
The Credibility Revolution in Psychological Science

11:00am Break

11:15am Ben Olken (development economics)
Promises and Perils of Pre-Analysis Plans

12:00pm Jann Spiess (econometrics)
Optimal Estimation when Researcher and Social Preferences are Misaligned

12:45pm Lunch

1:45pm Alex Frankel (economic theory)
Which findings should be published

2:30pm Isaiah Andrews (econometrics)
Statistical Reports for Remote Agents

3:15pm Break

3:45pm Marco Ottaviani (economic theory)
Strategic Sample Selection

4:30pm Break

Saturday, May 11

9:00am Theodore Porter (history of statistics)
Statistics, a Tool of Science?

9:45am Deborah Mayo (philosophy of statistics)

10:45am Break

11am Zoe Hitzig (economic theory, philosophy)
The Problem of New Evidence: P-hacking and Pre-analysis Plans

11:45am Daniel Mellow (meta studies)

12:15pm Adjourn