Ec 10ab

Ec 10a (micro, in the fall) and Ec 10b (macro, in the spring) are the introduction to basic economic principles and methods.

  • When to take Ec 10ab? If you intend to concentrate in Ec, we highly encourage you to take Ec 10 as a first-year. If you didn't take it, you can still concentrate in Ec! Ask a concentration advisor to help you plan your courses. 
  • You can place out of Ec 10ab with a (a) combined score of 10 on AP micro and macro, (b) A* on A levels or (c) 7 on the Higher Level examination toward the IB. With a 5 on AP macro OR micro, you can place out of the relevant half of Ec 10. You must replace each half of Ec 10ab that you skip with one Ec half-course.
  • What is the format of the class? Ec 10 is taught in sections of 20 students, with course-wide lectures on various topics about 10 times a semester. Unless replaced by course-wide lectures, sections meet for an hour M, W and F. Faculty experts usually give the course-wide lectures (e.g., Greg Mankiw on macroeconomics, David Laibson on behavioral economics, Andrei Shleifer on finance, Richard Freeman on labor). 
  • For more information: see the Ec Concentrator Guide, visit the course site for Ec 10a and Ec 10b (coming in August) or contact Paul Kelso, the Ec 10ab course coordinator.