Ec 10ab

Ec 10a (micro, in the fall) and Ec 10b (macro, in the spring) are the introduction to basic economic principles and methods.

  • When to take Ec 10ab? If you intend to concentrate in Ec, we highly encourage you to take Ec 10 as a first-year. If you didn't take it, you can still concentrate in Ec! Ask a concentration advisor to help you plan your courses. 
  • You can place out of Ec 10ab with a (a) combined score of 10 on AP micro and macro, (b) A* on A levels or (c) 7 on the Higher Level examination toward the IB. With a 5 on AP macro OR micro, you can place out of the relevant half of Ec 10. You must replace each half of Ec 10ab that you skip with one Ec half-course.
  • What is the format of the class? Ec 10 is taught in sections of 20 students, with course-wide lectures on various topics about 10 times a semester. Unless replaced by course-wide lectures, sections meet for an hour M, W and F. Faculty experts usually give the course-wide lectures (e.g., Greg Mankiw on macroeconomics, David Laibson on behavioral economics, Andrei Shleifer on finance, Richard Freeman on labor). 
  • For more information: see the Ec Concentrator Guide, visit the course site for Ec 10a and Ec 10b (coming in August) or contact Paul Kelso, the Ec 10ab course coordinator.






Outside Harvard Hall Jina Lee and Insup Lee, Harvard Economics '13, talk with Harvard President Drew Faust before joining the procession to the Phi Beta Kappa Literary Exercises in Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer