DUS Letter


August 19, 2021

Dear Ec Concentrators,

Welcome to a long awaited in-person Fall semester! We are looking forward to having you back on campus and in our classrooms. If you take only one piece of information from this note, I hope it is this: We are here for you. Please never hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do.

We are pleased to welcome Professor Edward Glaeser as the new Economics Department Chair! You can read his message to the department on our website. We are also grateful for the previous three years of incredible leadership by our former Chair, Professor Jeremy Stein.

For now, we wanted to share some important information and updates for the Fall.

- Ec Advising Virtual Office Hours resume full-time Aug 16. We will begin in-person advising starting September 1. Please see our advising page for hours of availability.

Please meet with an Ec Advisor in office hours to have your advising hold lifted by the Aug 26 Course Registration Deadline. While we encourage you to get to know the Ec Advisor assigned to your House—both now and throughout the year—feel free to connect with any advisor during office hours.

- As a reminder, you can find advising details, course information, job opportunities, and other valuable information on the Economics Department website.

- We are excited to announce new course offerings this Fall: Econ 1021: Using Markets to Solve Social Problems, taught by Professor Roland Fryer, and Econ 70: Personal Finance: Making Better Decisions and Building a Better Financial System, taught by Professor John Campbell.

- Ec-Interested First-Years and Sophomores: Please visit office hours anytime to discuss your interest in Economics! We would love to talk with you. Sophomores: Please note that the Economics Department requires a three-step process to declare Ec. Please visit our website to ensure you have done everything needed to declare by Nov 18 concentration declaration deadline.

- Juniors: If you need to take an Ec 970 Sophomore Tutorial, visit the Ec 970 page to learn how to lottery for an Ec 970.

- Seniors: Please meet with your Ec Advisor this semester to check your concentration requirements and declare your track. All thesis-interested seniors are invited to the Ec Thesis Interest Meeting (Aug 18, 1-2pm ET).

- Everyone: The Economics Department has posted a statement about diversity and inclusion on our website, as well as an outline of steps the Department is taking to make economics more welcoming to all. We encourage you to read this and let us know if you have any questions or concerns at letECknow@fas.harvard.edu.

This semester will be an adventure for all of us getting back to some normalcy, but please know we are eager to see you and connect individually with you. On behalf of the entire Economics Advising team, I wish you the best for the upcoming year.




Jeffrey A. Miron
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics