DUS Letter


January 12, 2022

Dear Ec Concentrators,


The spring semester is here! Everyone in the Harvard Economics Department is excited to welcome you back.


Virtual Advising Office Hours open for the semester on Wednesday, January 12th and provide 30 hours a week of drop-in virtual advising. Please be sure to meet with an Ec advisor during office hours to get your advising hold lifted before the January 20th course registration deadline. You cannot officially enroll in classes or be sectioned until your advising hold is lifted, so please visit office hours early. You do not need to have a finalized schedule to have your advisor hold lifted.


As a reminder, you can find advising details, course information, job opportunities, and loads of other information on the Economics Department website.


Sophomores: Everyone interested in taking an Ec 970 Sophomore Tutorial this semester must enter the lottery by Friday January 18th at 9 am ET. Visit the Ec 970 Canvas site to read descriptions of each section, watch a video to hear a description of each tutorial, and learn how to submit your Ec 970 course preferences.


JuniorsWe have two incredible Ec 980 Junior Seminars on offer this semester. Junior seminars are a great opportunity to work closely with an Ec faculty member, take a deep dive into an economics research question, and apply all the economics knowledge you've learned over the previous 2.5 years.  Visit our website to see the seminars on offer and the guidelines for enrolling.


Still need to take an Ec 970 Sophomore Tutorial? Check out the information above (“Sophomores”) and see the Ec 970 Canvas site for details.


In March (date TBD), we will hold a meeting for all juniors interested in writing a senior thesis. Starting the thesis process during your junior year can help give you a great head start for your senior year! For now, if you have questions about potentially pursuing a senior thesis, please reach out to me or any of your Ec advisors.


Seniors: If you have questions about whether you have completed your Ec degree requirements and have not yet spoken with an Ec Advisor, please reach out before the course registration deadline (January 20th). Make sure your concentration advisor knows your track choice. You will not be registered for the Honors Exam unless you declare an honors track (ACT or Thesis). Please note that the Honors Exam will be held on April 7-8, 2022. 


We are excited to announce two new course offerings this Spring:

  • Ec 1133 Authoritarian Superpower: The Political Economy of Modern China with Professor David Yang
  • Ec 1343 The Economics of Development and Global Health with Professor Matthew Basilico

You can browse a list of all economics electives on offer this semester here.


Finally, Economics Department’s statement and initiatives on Diversity and Inclusion can be found on the Department website.We also have a private email address (letECknow@fas.harvard.edu) for anyone to report issues related to diversity, inclusion, racism, or any concerns related to your experience of, in, and with the Economics Department. We promise to take your concerns seriously and, when appropriate, discuss them with others to improve the well-being of members of our community.


If you have any questions, please contact us or visit us in Ec Advising Office Hours.  We wish you all the best for the coming semester, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Warm regards,

Jeffrey A. Miron

Senior Lecturer

Director of Undergraduate Studies