Declaring Ec

Are you interested in declaring Ec or switching to Ec from another concentration?  You've come to the right place.  Declaring Economics is an easy 3-step process!

Annie Declares Ec in 3 Steps
  1. Submit a declaration or change of concentration request on my.harvard. Directions here.
  2. Fill out a Declaration Form. To make sure you're including all of the courses you need, see our Concentration Requirements or use our Requirements Worksheet.
  3. Meet with an Ec concentration advisor to review your form and approve your declaration. This must be done in person, but don't worry: we have virtual daily drop-in office hours!

You can also join Prof. Jeff Miron and the Ec Advising Team at our Fall 2020 Ec Info Sessions for Sophomores! Learn about the ec concentration, requirements, and how to declare Economics. Get all your questions answered during these informal, open events.

Info Session w/Prof. Jeff Miron: Thursday, October 29 5-6PM ET (on Zoom) 
Chat with Prof. Jeff Miron (Economics Dept Director of Undergraduate Studies) and the Ec Advising Team.

Economics Advising Team Café: Tuesday November 10 1-2PM ET (on Congregate)
Join the Ec Advising Team in our Advising Café on Congregate! Advisors will be available at virtual tables where you can come chat, meet other sophomores, learn about the Ec Department, and declare your concentration if you’re ready. Bring your own coffee!  :)