Advice for Sophomores

Here are some things to think about in your sophomore year if you are interested in concentrating in economics.


  • Intermediate Micro and Macro Theory: (Ec 1010a/1011a, Ec 1010b/1011b)
    Since many Ec electives have an intermediate theory prereq, you should take Ec 1010a/1011a and Ec 1010b/1011b your sophomore year (see the FAQs linked on the Concentration Requirements page for how the 1010 and 1011 courses differ). For those of you taking Ec 10 as sophomores, note that you can take Ec 1010a in the spring after completing Ec 10a. Also, remember that you must receive an average GPA of at least 2.5 (B-/C+) in your two intermediate theory classes, otherwise you will be required to take Ec 975 (Theory Review).
  • Econometrics: (Ec 1123/1126)
    Given the highly applied nature of many sections of sophomore tutorial, we recommend that you take econometrics sophomore year (see the FAQ page -- coming soon! -- for how Ec 1123 and 1126 differ). You can take both classes for credit.
  • Sophomore Tutorial: (Ec 970)
    Most of you will take sophomore tutorial during sophomore year, but if you have not completed the pre-reqs by then (Ec 10, math, stats, and intermediate theory), you will have to enroll as juniors.  Ec 970 will be offered during Fall semester for the first time in Fall 2014.

Bigger Picture:

Planning your concentration is not simply a matter of making a wish list of classes. Timing is everything. Bear in mind the progression of courses; e.g.,math before intermediate theory before many electives; statistics before econometrics before sophomore tutorial.  Some courses also may conflict, or have limited enrollment, and many are offered only every 2 to 3 years. So although having a plan is important, don't get too wedded to a specific set of classes, since course offerings may change.

Here are some questions you should consider as you think through your plan of study:

  • What are my fields of interest?
  • Do I want to study abroad?
  • Do I intend to write a thesis?
  • Am I considering a PhD in economics?

Timing is especially important if you are considering writing a thesis or studying abroad. If you are interested in honors, start taking electives early to begin thinking about possible topics and advisors, and if you are considering studying abroad, be aware that the department will grant at most ONE Ec concentration credit per term abroad.

For some example plans of study, see pages 31-36 of the Ec Concentrator Guide.