Advice for Seniors

Congrats, it's your senior year!  While you're an experienced ec concentrator at this point, we still have a few bits of wisdom to offer.


  • At some point during the Fall semester, contact your concentration advisor to officially declare your "track" in economics: Basic, Advanced Course, Thesis. 
  • ACT and Thesis concentrators: check out our Honors page.  There's a lot of info, including the date of the Honors Exam. 

Bigger Picture:

You're probably thinking a lot about life after graduation.  Some of you already have plans, but many of you are still thinking about your options.  We also encourage you to talk with your professors, concentration advisors, and the Office of Career Services about the wide world of possibilities that awaits you.  While it all might seem overwhelming at times, try to remember it's also exciting... and all of us are available to help you through it.